How To Survive, Thrive, and Succeed During The Coronavirus Shutdown
Time To Thrive

How To Survive, Thrive, and Succeed During The Coronavirus Shutdown

How do we survive, thrive, and find opportunities during the Coronavirus shutdown?  Online Business, Educational Programs, Cheap Investment deals are just a few of the opportunities that are presenting themselves to us.


I believe that finding opportunity is actually easier when everyone else is panicking and fearful.  We have all heard the stories of people who made massive wealth during the great depression, or who have made life altering decisions when they were forced into a bad situation.  Right now is our time to thrive, not just survive.  Here are some thoughts, tips, and suggestions to get you started.       


A Few Suggestions For Finding Opportunities

1)  Identify companies & products that are solving problems created by Coronavirus: 


A Few Examples Might Be: 

-Medical companies

-Services that help people work effectively from home

-Online businesses

-Entertainment services.   


2)  Keep An Eye Out For Good Deals: 

-Stock Prices are low. 

-Cryptocurrency prices are low. 

-Gold/Silver Prices are low.

-Some businesses and home owners may face financial hardships.  Perhaps you could acquire the property for cheap.


3)  Identify Your Expertise

Take time to evaluate your skills, and then create a plan for how to use your skills to solve other people's problems.     


What Problems Need Solving As A Result Of Coronavirus?


1)  People need new ways to make money.

2)  People are bored at home.  

3)  Pretty much anything medically related that will help fight the virus.  

4)  Work From home strategies and resources. 

5)  People need new food ideas, new indoor family activities, and fun ways to stay connected.  (P.S. Did you know that the game Monopoly was created during the great depression as a way to overcome boredom???!!!)

6)  The US Dollar is being inflated.  How can we solve this? 


New Thinking...New Results!


Our paradigms have been altered.  Here are a few thought perspectives for you to evaluate.


1)  Changes To Risk/Reward:  A couple of weeks ago everything in our society was coasting along just fine and at all time highs.  Overnight, this all changed, and everything came crashing down.  Suddenly, stocks, crypto, and just about everything else started going on sale!  In other words, the risks VS. reward ratio was altered.  And its not just in financial markets.  Opportunities that you thought you didn't have time for last week are suddenly low risk high reward opportunities now.  Take time to evaluate your life and be willing to take appropriate risks in order to gain your new reward.        

2)  Increased Focus & Efficiency:  We have all been hearing stories about doctors teleconferencing their appointments, restaurants shifting to take out and delivery only, and businesses shifting more online.  In other words, they are becoming more efficient with their efforts in the new environment.  You can do the same thing in your personal life.  This really is an opportunity for all of us to fine tune and take time to improve our lives.    

3) Identify Leaders:  Some of the best leaders are going to come out of this challenging time.  Instead of waiting for the government, or your boss, to fix problems, why not think and create solutions for yourself.  The best leaders will show themselves by the actions that they take when all the chips are down.  Be a leader and help solve the problems that your family, friends, and acquaintances are facing. 


Helpful Tips:


1)  Use Your Time Wisely:  Being quarantined may actually be a blessing in disguise.  Why not invest some time learning new skills, starting a new online business, or reformulating your plan to be successful?  Many people are stuck in their homes worried about what will happen next.  You do not have to be one of them.  Remember...action conquers fear!

2)  Look For Solutions:  Millions of people are suddenly stuck at home unable to work or go through their normal routine.  People are bored, nervous, and frustrated.  What if you create a youtube channel, blog, or resource to help them solve some of their new problems?  You can make a difference in peoples lives and it just may lead to a new opportunity!

3)  Adjust:  A new way of life has suddenly been forced upon us.  However, that doesn't mean that we have to sit by passively and accept it.  Instead, why not be willing to try something new and do things differently than you did before?  New actions will get us new results.  Don't stay frustrated...CHANGE! 


In Case You Were Wondering... this is definitely a shameless plug!  The Coronavirus has put the US Dollar under heavy attack.  Trillions of US Dollars are being printed because of Coronavirus.  Printing money causes a "hidden tax" for the average person, which is known as inflation.  My solution to this problem is a training program called "Simplify Crypto".  This training program teaches the average person how to distance themselves from a crumbling financial system and also take full advantage of the Digital Revolution known as cryptocurrency. 


Coronavirus may be giving you the gift of extra time.  Why not use your time to learn a simple, Step by Step Strategy for success with cryptocurrency? 


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Being locked in your home away from work doesn't mean you can't find opportunities.  Actually, opportunities are literally everywhere right now.  If we are willing to adopt a new perspective, adjust to a new strategy, and keep our eyes open for solutions to the problems facing us, we can literally create new opportunities that didn't even exist a couple of weeks ago.  Now is not the time for fear and panic.  It is the time to thrive, succeed and lead your way into a bright new future!  Best of luck on your journey!

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