Founder and CEO of the Ocean Creation Chain: This year, a large number of public-chain companies with the underlying technology as the background will enter the application market.

By fyjs | fyjs | 12 Jun 2019

On June 10, according to news, Zhang Jian, founder and CEO of Ocean Creation Chain Co., recently said in an interview, "From this year's participation in various forums, we can feel that the industry is turning to applications." For example, many technology companies I used to do code research in the online community, but now they are talking about how to land on the ground. "This year, a large number of public-chain enterprises with underlying technology will enter the application market. At that time, the acquisition of industrial resources will enter a white-hot stage." He also pointed out that the next three months will be the key to the marine creation chain. "The key to becoming a true leader in the industry is the next three months.

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