cropbytes an TRON based farm game

By fvanb1 | fvanb1 | 8 Aug 2019

cropbytes is a crypto farm game based on the cryptocurrency TRON/TRX

First for the people who are not familair with tron/trx , trx is a cryptocurrency like ethereum that also work with smartcontract's.

when i meat this game for the first time i was a little sceptic about it , the game is still in development fase.

It all seems simple but when you start with it , you will see that this game is addictive.

you can start with a minimum but my advise would be to start with a starterskit which will cost 1200 TRX. (around 25$)

after that start you can grow your own corncrops and feed your animal's with it , the animals will give you thing's like milk egg's and gamecard's gc).

there is also an option to buy yourself thing's like a well or a lake to be sure that your farm has alway's the needed water to grow crop's

If your farm is growing and you have earned some asset's like milk water or egg's you have the option to sell it to other player's for trx or gamecard's (gc) .

the GC will be the ingame currency which can be used to buy other great stuff to grow your farm even bigger.

the game is still in development so all the asset's are for sale for a great price but i think that this game will grow very fast.

for now it is possible to check out the game with a free 200 trx if you use the following link to start.

Amount will be credited when the new player completes a minimum order of 200 TRX.




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