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Different gifts are worth different amounts of XTM on Torum.

Torum - Earn XTM Daily, then Withdraw for Cash or Buy NFT Air Drop Targets

By funmanbobyjo | funmangalaxy | 26 Dec 2021

If you have never heard of Torum, and want to dive right in, sign up using this link for bonus XTM:

What is Torum?

Torum is a social media platform, similar to Facebook or Twitter, but the reason Torum is so cool, is because it rewards users daily with XTM token that can be withdrawn for real cash! It may sound like a scam or a waste of time, but XTM is a real crypto currency that has been listed on major trading sites such as Binance, and earning it for free only takes minutes. This coin's price is now controlled mostly by traders and trading robots of major whales, so it is a good time now to try and earn some free XTM and cash out while the value is high.

How to Earn XTM for Free

First, sign up to Torum using this link.

Then, click on 'Missions' over to the side or the top right on mobil.

Daily Missions are below

Daily Login
Login to Torum at anytime of the day!
0.125 XTM  

Create a Thread

Post anything relevant to your Clan as long as it is interesting!
0.5625 XTM
Create a Post
Share your thoughts through texts or images!
0.5625 XTM  

Like 5 Posts or Threads

Hit on the LIKE button to spread positive vibes!
0.125 XTM

Doing these every day and gaining followers for the weekly missions will gain XTM the fastest, and you can earn bonus XTM when people support your post! You can even offer NFTs or other incentives as rewards for people who support your post with XTM!

Now that you have earned some XTM, you can withdraw when you go to 'Wallet' over on the side at Torum.

What if you don't wish to withdraw for cash, but instead would rather invest into an NFT air drop game?

It is easy to use XTM to purchase NFTs in the General Store of Torugum

Simply supporting the General Store post with XTM will grant you an NFT sent directly to your Wax Cloud Wallet when you comment your .wam address.

Below are the options of what NFTs you can obtain with XTM.


Smol Clap:
Beginner's Luck Chest - A pack with most likely only 2 dungs within (
openable here )

Diamond Hands:
Drunken Dwarf - Air drop target for Mead and part of a mining cave blend

Bag of Shitcoins:
Dung Casket - A pack that can be opened on 

Valiant Bull:
Elven Beast Tamer - Random drop target!

deed to a Settlement - This grants a target for a weekly air drop of crucial primordial elements for blends on nefty

Pile of Kimchi:
Pyro Shaman - An occational drop target for Mound of Charcoal NFT and a limited supply key item to the new Elite Pyro Shaman blend upgrade

Sushi Bundle:
Goblin Village + Goblin Screwers x3 + Goblinite x2 - This is an air drop target for weekly Revitalized Goblin Relics NFT, with a few extra blendable supplyfunman tokens that are semi-rare

Yummy Yam:
Fragment of Eternal Hellfire (Shiny) - Air drop target for Conductive Ice Plasma Particles NFT and part of limited blends for the Dungeon Raider

Bitcoin Pizza:
Crisped Garden Pizza + Kullzian Salt Crystal - An ediblefunman asset which can be used as a health weapon in duels and certain events in the Trading Plaza of Kucunoop Village

Bag of Altcoins:
Humble Cave Goblin Companion + Golden Fleece - Part of the limited time blend for the Explorer drop target

Doge CEO:
Perfect Ruby + Rigged Dice - Legendary requirement for the Explorer drop target blend

Mars Tesla:
BASIC BUNDLE: Pyro Shaman + Settlement + Mud Furnace + Wanderer x4 + Seeker x2 + Travelist's Kit - This is a loaded bundle offer if you need to build your supply of weekly air drops fast! It contains 7 weekly air drop targets as well as two Random Drop targets. 

Moon Lambo:
Shadow Cave Demon Companion + Mystic Shadow Fleece - Titan rarity requirements for the limited supply Dungeon Raider blend.

Graceful Unicorn:
Prismatic Power Crystal + Rainbow Dung Chest + Golden Uraeus + Choice of either Sarcastic Goblin Witch or Elder Dwarf Goblin - Some really magical stuff!

Satoshi's Blessing: 
 PARTY BUNDLE: Wanderer x10 + Seeker x3 + Pyro Shaman + Settlement x5 + Goblin Village x2 + Conductive Ice Plasma Generator + Fertile Vegetation + Pine Forrest + Vial of Mystic Liquid + Golden Fleece x3 + Travelist's Kit + Rigged Dice + Humble Cave Goblin Companion + Copper Rod + Perfect Ruby + Rainbow Mead - Are you looking to get serious about funmanbobyjo? Then this is the best offer for you! This offer has
20 weekly air drop targets!!!! Plus 5 Random Drop targets!  It also contains almost all of the items needed (apart from Promethean Favor) to blend your first Explorer! The Explorer will have his own exclusive NFTs that can only be gotten from his weekly chest.


***If you are not sure what Wax Cloud Wallet is or want to know how to make one for free, read this article here:

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