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How To Get Started in funmanbobyjo for Free with a Wax Cloud Wallet Account

By funmanbobyjo | funmangalaxy | 20 Nov 2021

funmanbobyjo is an air drop based NFT game on the wax chain that you can play for FREE! This is a great way to get into wax and potentially make a little wax when you start to sell free, limited time only funmanbobyjo NFTs.

funmanbobyjo collection image and founder’s token NFT
How To Play

1. Go to to create your wax cloud wallet address which only requires an email confirmation.

Congratulations!!! Now you are ready to play games like for free as well as use sites like,, and by signing into your WAX wallet! This is an important first step, so note your .wam address for example: azkb.wam is my address. It will be displayed in the top right of the screen on

2. Join the discord or telegram channel to get your first free NFT sent to you.

Discord: Telegram Main Chat: Telegram Quest Room:

Level Memory NFT (Obtainable for free through quests)

Have you gotten your first NFT yet? or do you choose to continue reading first?... You are wise in whatever choice you just made there.

So Now What?

You joined the chat room and you even got your first NFT for free in the lava mines, so what now? 

Here is a simplified list of how to earn the most NFTs with ease and work your way to earning farms and air drop targets that earn you weekly passive rewards!

1. Do any quest you can in the funmanbobyjo chatrooms. There are often quests where all you need to do is reply with your wax wallet address and an NFT will often be sent for free! Just read the quests when you are bored, and see which ones you can do! You may need to own assets for some of them, so start with beginner level quests on the Main Quest Page.

2. Try to get as many limited NFTs and farmerfunman NFTs as you can, as these are often air drop targets for weekly rewards as well as RANDOM DROPS, where a random asset ID of funmanbobyjo is chosen and a free NFT is dropped to all accounts who hold that asset. Then you will slowly earn NFTs over time without doing anything!

Here is a list to all of the air drop targets!

Settlement NFT (Weekly Air Drop Target for Crucial Primordial Elements)

3. Save up supplyfunman tokens from weekly quests and events to blend limited items and raffle tickets on Neftyblocks, and send them in to funmanbobyjo wax wallet for seasonal giveaways! Make sure to message @toadshaman on telegram if you need help!

4. The ultimate BEST WAY to increase your wallet’s value and increase your assets in the funmanbobyjo collection is to help write and perfect descriptions for NFTs in the writing room below. Are you creative, good at writing, or good with grammar? This is a great opportunity to grow your NFT collection when you are bored. Write descriptions, edit and perfect descriptions, or even draw you own art work in Microsoft paint 3D (100x100 pixel)

Writing room:

5. Eventually, if you are able to stick around long enough, and help with descriptions or do quests for long enough, you may accumulate enough supplyfunman tokens, farmerfunman tokens, and tribalfunman tokens to blend your own limited supply air drop targets like activefunman NFTs, also known as an Active Farms or targets like Rainbow Dung, Explorer, and Dungeon Raider (Shiny).

Active Farms are animated airdrop target NFTs that has a chance to produce NFTs exclusive to the farm, that can only be obtained through opening the Active Farm’s weekly chest. This will be a huge investment to hold on to, so that you can sell your packs or your exclusive NFTs to new players that need them for blends you will already have.

This last option is still being created in the world of funmanbobyjo, so as soon as an activefunman token is available, make sure you have enough supplies to craft it!

For example, the Dung City activefunman token will be available soon and the blend will require a huge amount of funmanbobyjo NFTs such as settlements, dung farms, wanderers, the dung totem, dung and much more! Right now the key blend to get ahead is the Explorer and Dungeon Raider blends, but they won't be easy to achieve! Seasonal quests and official raffles are a good way to get there.

The goal of funmanbobyjo is to increase all of the player’s (holders of funmanbobyjo NFTs) wallet’s value by supplying limited NFTs with pixelated artwork to people who hold on to certain NFTs from the collection! 

If you already made the wax wallet and the telegram, go ahead and join these partner groups to help build up your wallets value when giveaways happen.

Art By Huddo:
Silent Death Bringers:
Meow NFT Trading Cards:
Acid Tea Granny:
Nix Wizards:

Thanks for reading, and good luck in the world of funmanbobyjo and the crazy world of WAX. :D

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The funmanbobyjo collection is a great way to add value to your wax wallet by mining weekly NFTs by passively holding farmerfunman assets in your wallet. Get air drops weekly with a chance at rare blending materials, and blend active farms!


Mine weekly, air-dropped NFTs just by holding certain funmangalaxy assets in your wax cloud wallet. Work towards building a shop in the metaverse to earn 50% of all wax sales from that shop! Upgrade your shop with blends and drops to attract other players to your lands. Enter the funman Metaverse: Join on Telegram to learn more or to win free NFTs:

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