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funmanbobjo - Whitepaper and Roadmap

By funmanbobyjo | funmangalaxy | 3 Jan 2022


funmanbobyjo is a relatively new (but growing fast) NFT collection that airdrops weekly NFTs and NFT packs to holders of certain assets. These rewarded NFTs, called supplyfunman assets, are then used to blend limited mint trophyfunman NFTs and new air drop targets for your collection. Players earn passive weekly rewards that can be blended into various other NFTs once they accumulate. 

Are there other ways to play funmanbobyjo than just simply holding the right assets? Yes!!!

You can also earn funman NFTs by helping to write creative NFT descriptions and do quests in the funmanbobyjo telegram rooms, by exploring the Lava Mine on the funmanbobyjo Discord Group, and by entering social media giveaways and live events in the telegram chat rooms.

Manual Weekly Drops - DONE
Telegram Questing Room - DONE
Whitelisting - DONE

DUST Staked For Dust Mine - DONE

DUST Mine Creation - PENDING (till around late January or so)
Torum NFT Shop - DONE
Automated Air Drops - DONE
Discord 'Lava Mine' NFT Drop Game - ACTIVE
FUNMAN Token Creation - DONE
Streamlining Drop Targets and Packs with New Blends - DONE
Publish0x 1st Article on How to Play funmanbobyjo - DONE
White Paper and Website - DONE

Funman Metaverse - Interactive Fun Map - UPDATED WEEKLY
New Activefunman Exclusive NFT Air Drop Targets - In PROGRESS
New Islandfunman NFTs which can be colonized with a huge blend into new Activefunman drop targets - IN PROGRESS
Hatchery, Egg Hatching, and hatchafunman monster breeding - IN PROGRESS (for Rainbow Dung holders)
Telegram Bot Game - IN WAITING (could be months)
Updates to Cait Shop and Nefty Drops including limited farms like Nefty Fortress - IN PROGRESS
Growth, Marketing, Raising Money - IN PROGRESS
Added Mechanics with NFTs and FUNMAN coin (staking, burning, super blends) - IN PROGRESS
Old School Play to Earn MMORPG Game - IN WAITING (Could be a year or longer)


Fun Map Metaverse:

Telegram Main Chat:








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The funmanbobyjo collection is a great way to add value to your wax wallet by mining weekly NFTs by passively holding farmerfunman assets in your wallet. Get air drops weekly with a chance at rare blending materials, and blend active farms!


Mine weekly, air-dropped NFTs just by holding certain funmangalaxy assets in your wax cloud wallet. Work towards building a shop in the metaverse to earn 50% of all wax sales from that shop! Upgrade your shop with blends and drops to attract other players to your lands. Enter the funman Metaverse: Join on Telegram to learn more or to win free NFTs:

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