Digital infrastructure exists due to a pattern of separation. 

By HarmonyMedia | Fungal focus | 14 Jan 2021


The presence or absence of the flow of electrons through a gate enables the formation of a binary language that is used as instructions for a machine to process. From there, higher levels of abstraction are formed which present the binary language in something more familiar to a user. For example binary language represents letters through a standardized 8-bit scheme where various combinations of 0s and 1s are recognized as a letter (A is 01000001). 


The use of binary symbology for the encoding of information/communication is generally credited to Claude Shannon's A Mathematical Theory of Information. This paper provides the necessary breakthroughs for essentially all modern digital communication.  


Digitizing society pursues the separation of energy, love, or unity, into controllable units, increasing the power of those who control the organization of separation. Building infrastructure from that pattern inevitably requires the technocratic elites expertise to organize, maintain and innovate this complex hierarchy of machines and abstract processes. Despite mantras of freedom, blockchain falls under this pattern as well. 


Unconditional love or compassion exists as an anathema to highly organized structures based on principles of separation. Viewing reality as separate from ourselves invites emotional, mental, and environmental disharmony. 


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