A Poem on Fungal Context

A Poem on Fungal Context

By HarmonyMedia | Fungal focus | 26 Aug 2019


NOW you embody the Past expressed through a dried, ancient, immense intelligence. The fungus among us understand precisely how we came to be and where we can go. Your interaction features both trauma and the force beyond that is within. 

OXIDE of the most abundant element in the universe enables the action. Water, the medium for life to interact within. You are more water than “you”, maybe you are water. Consider the components.  

ANCIENT, powerful, miniature, inhabitants found a chance to express and impress their spirituality on earth's burgoning adolescence, giving the momentum for dance.  Peeking the temporal sphere they divined the potential cohesion with earth then prayed for memory. 

ENGAGING the medium, letting time fulfill the inevitable structures. Stress induced the connection and memory. Pain is of the living, an unimaginable gift. From they we derived, as they we will arrive.

THE illusion of physicality obfuscates a war of the essence. Choose how to engage the drama, you collection of vibrations. Oscillate your divine light, and harmonize with the infinite.





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