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Metahero, The Bridge Between Physical and Virtual

By Tokenicer | Fundamentals | 8 Nov 2021

As the development of the virtual world evolves at a rapid pace, developers around the world are working together to bridge the gap between the physical world and virtual world together and shatter boundaries.



As the dreams of a virtual world gradually become closer and closer to our reality, a common question is how realistic the metaverse will be and how close to our current reality it may be. Metahero is working to bridge both worlds together through their 3D Metascanner, allowing for any scanned object within the physical world replicated within the digital world.

Metahero is a crypto project that is which works primarily within the NFT and digital world sector. The partnership with Wolf Studio allows Metahero to utilize the technology that assisted with building popular game Cyberpunk, into the metaverse. With their mission of allowing participants to “be their own hero”, users can scan themselves in one of Metahero’s 3D scanning chambers, and anything they wish to bring into the virtual world into any game. Additionally Metahero is working to take NFT’s to the next level with three dimensional NFTs, the team has planned to strategically place these chambers around the world for participants of the Metahero network to transport whatever they wish into the digital world.

The team believes metascanning will become an every day part of life as it will revolutionize industries from fashion, to art, to gaming. Metahero has taken on the ambitious task of creating a world we believed was only a script for movies & TV series like Ready Player One. From putting yourself into a heist within Grand Theft Auto to bringing your favourite pair of shoes to your next virtual hangout, Metahero makes it all a reality.

While what Metahero is offering sounds fairly straightforward, it may be hard for some to wrap their heads around such an innovative idea so here is a video that displays their capabilities better than words can.

Metascanner Demo


The products & services Metahero offers will be primarily utilized with entertainment and commerce, but can potentially expand into a large pool of other industries such as education and social networks. While what Metahero is offering sounds fairly straightforward, it may be hard for some to wrap their heads around such an innovative idea so here is a video that displays their capabilities better than words can.

There will initially be twelve metascanners distributed and placed around the world in metropolitan areas where gaming and social networks are highest in demand. The first model of the metascanners will be spherical chamber which is 2.5 meters height and 4.2 meters in diameter surrounded by 40 LED reflective strips and 12 flash lamps which are synchronized to perfectly scan whatever the 16 cameras bordering the chamber. Currently each scan will take anywhere from 15–40 minutes. As these chambers are foldable allowing them to be portable, the team will be consistently relocating these scanners to allow wishing participants around the world a chance to digitize themselves.

To access the metascanners, users simply just have to download the Metahero app and sufficient funds to pay for a scan. At a current price of $200 per scan paid in $HERO tokens, the team aims to generate revenue through the demand of people utilizing the scanners to digitize themselves and whatever else they wish to bring into the chamber. These scanners will also be for sale to artists and creators wishing to bring their creations to life and be utilized and monetized within the metaverse. Once users have paid for and executed their scan, their digitized avatars can then be integrated into any compatible world of games and virtual realities.

On top of just creating a real world product for users to bridge these two realities together, they are working to create a marketplace and further monetize the items scanned through their chambers. Influencers will be able to create revolutionary experiences for their fans from 3D music videos to animations and movies that users can experience as if they were part of the scene. Similar to royalties within the NFT markets, the scanned objects within the Metahero ecosystem will have the options to allow users to have their scanned objects licensed to use by other users, with each use of the scanned object paying a royalty to the individual that brought it into the metaverse. This possibility opens up the boundaries of the metaverse to the fashion industry along with artists and celebrities.

With the recent NFT mania, it appears there will be utility with these assets and innovative infrastructures for industries within entertainment along with art. Established names in the fashion industry such as Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Givenchy and many more will be looking to expand into the digital world through offering their fashionable products as NFT’s for users to dress up in their favourite brands. Artists and musicians can also take their talents to new levels through a 3D metaverse experience of concerts or turning artistic creations and sculptures into usable items within video games. Metahero is not only opening these opportunities to these external industries, but they are also working to create virtual galleries and shows for members within their ecosystem to experience in an environment the physical world wouldn’t be able to replicate.




The official launch for Metahero was in June of 2021 and is founded by CEO Robert Gryn who started the project with a $10 million seed funding by himself. Robert attended the University of Surrey for a Bachelors of Sciences in technology & entrepreneurship before enrolling at University of St Andrews to obtain his Masters in marketing. Prior to starting up the gateway into the metaverse, Rob has a long list of experience within the crypto space along with connections to some important organizations. Mark began his own startup Codewise in 2011 the second fastest growing European company, in October of 2020 Robert sold Codewise and has since directed his attention into this space. Robert has also had experience within the angel investing and venture capitalist scene with experience working in the industry as Rob had spent nearly two years as an advisor for Unit Ventures, along with beginning his time as a business angel at Tenset in March of 2021. Additionally, Robert has also partnered with companies such as Kanga Exchange and Wolf Digital while being an ambassador for popular crypto lending platform Celsius.

On top of his array of experience working within this industry, Robert has achieved some notable accolades from being a forum member of the World Economic Forum to being the youngest self made entrepreneur to make it onto the Forbes 100 Richest list in Poland.

Jeremiah Lopez serves as the COO of Metahero. Jeremiah and Robert initially met at Codewise as Jeremiah was also the COO of Roberts initial startup Codewise from 2014 through 2016. Jeremiah then went on and built an impressive resume within marketing, holding positions such as, marketing director for Melown Technologies, VP of marketing at Greenlight, and CMO of Closeplan while also working as a marketing analyst at Synega prior to beginning his time at Metahero.




The Metahero ecosystem will utilize the $HERO token as a means of payment to transact 3D scanned items. The token is built on the Binance Smart Chain. While there isn’t a staking or burning mechanism at the moment, the team plans to implement this in the future. The future plan to implement staking and creating a deflationary token will begin with the $HERO token with an added 5% fee to all transactions. 1% of these fees will go towards their smart staking mechanism and distributed to token holders. Another 1% of the total fees will be burned away, while another 1.5% will be automatically added towards PancakeSwaps liquidity pool and the other remaining 1.5% will be converted into $BNB by the team to buyback $HERO. The team will be executing buybacks of $HERO once total liquidity exceeds $10 million and burning the bought tokens creating for an efficient and deflationary mechanism.

As $HERO will be utilized as the exclusive medium of exchange within the Metahero ecosystem. The payments receivable and payable in $HERO can range from transacting on their 3D marketplace, to paying for scans, royalty payments and even to purchase one of their metascanners.

There is a total supply of 10 billion $HERO tokens, with a circulating supply of about 4.7 million at the time of writing. The team has structured their distribution of $HERO through a rather evenly distribution between partners, sales, listings and marketing. With timed token locks for the more institutional businesses and the deflationary tokenomics they have integrated the team is looking to prevent future supply distribution diluting value.




Metahero has formed strategic partnerships with multiple companies in order to build out their ambitious goal to bring anything to life within the metaverse.

Wolf Studio is a global leader within the newly developed 3D scanning and modelling sector. A team of graphic designers, engineers, developers and photographers specializing in scanning. Wolf Studio be collaborating with Metahero to build out the metascanners they will be distributing around the world.

Tenset is a crypto company that works with building crypto products similar to ETFs. They have partnered with Metahero and hosted the $HERO public sale exclusively on the Tenset Gem Launch Platform.

Though not an official company, Metahero will be working with countless museums, artists and galleries around the world to relocate their metascanners to locations where these artistic venues wish to collaborate and bring their historic creations into the futuristic world.

While Metahero is quite a promising and ambitious project, they only recently launched in summer of 2021. They will likely form partnerships with big names within the gaming and art industries in the near future as they gain some traction and begin to further progress in their roadmap.




What Metahero is working on bringing has been something only imaginable in movies up until now. With so many metaverse and NFT related projects that focus solely on their NFT ecosystem and bringing a new virtual world experience, through virtual land and collectibles. Metahero is working on bringing the aspects of our physical world to merge into the digital world. A mission that is so unique its quite hard to imagine the possibilites.

As Metahero continues to build out their roadmap and distribute their metascanners around the world, its very likely we could see the name “Metahero” becoming mainstream just due to the interest and curiosity it would create. This will be the first tangible crypto related product since Bitcoin ATMs, though unlike ATMs these metascanners will provide a use case outside of converting fiat to crypto and vice versa. There will likely be people of similar interests within gaming and technology lining up to use these scanners, inevitably building and strengthening the Metahero community of users as the are of environment for these metascanners will likely be those similar to popular E-Sports evens around the world.

The boundaries for utilizing Metahero are quite endless, as far as the mind can stretch. From playing as yourself within your favourite games, to putting up the 3D scanned model of your car for auction on the marketplace, to even artistic entrepreneurs and celebrities creating content and items that can be utilized within the ecosystem. As museums and galleries begin to work with Metahero its possible we see historic art works such as the Mona Lisa being scanned into the metaverse, and thanks to the future tokenization of assets, art could become a more diversified marketplace as everyone can own a fractional share of the 3D Mona Lisa. Museums could entirely restructure how their pieces of history are displayed with the help of metascanners, just imagine a first person experience of the pre historic ages or World War II.

If the recent explosion in growth and sales of NFTs is a foreshadow of the adoption of this space in the coming years, then Metahero could potentially grow much faster than most would expect due to its creative approach into this sector. With Metahero’s total addressable market reaching not just NFT & gaming enthusiasts but also large entertainment industries, Metahero could likely swallow up a good share of the potential revenue in these other industries. As the augmented and virtual reality markets is expected to grow to about $300 billion by 2024, while the gaming industry is expected to grow to $200 billion in 2023 from its current valuation of $159 billion. Additionally, the gaming industry market doesn’t take in game marketplaces as a factor, marketplaces for gaming items such as skins and items is estimated to be around $50 billion and will likely continue to grow as the gaming world begins to merge closer with the NFT space.

As the NFT and metaverse sector of the crypto world is still in its infancies, its likely there will be many other new disruptive ideas, but its hard to think of a NFT based project that would impact the space as much as an ecosystem to transact and create real world projects into the metaverse could.

*None of the information listed is financial or investment advice and should only be taken as entertainment or educational as I’m not a financial advisor*


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