Lifetime Tips For Posts In PublishOx

By fun2learn | fun2learn | 28 Jul 2020

On 20 July, I was approved by publishox to become an author.

I have started posting ever since then.

My writing journey started from steem and later on went onto whaleshares.

I am currently writing mainly on Hive platform.

On Hive platform, each post would have a period of 7 days to get a reward and it started a tipping system but it comes out from the senders’ wallets.

PublishOx has a reward pool that every reader gets a certain amount for tipping without coming out from their own wallet.


It really sounds like free reward where everyone gets a reward regardless of reader or author.

I tried to find out on PublishOx website when the tipping would end for a post but it seems like anyone can tip a post even many years later if he likes it.

If it is really true, it is so cool. Every post can become a passive and permanent income for anyone even in their old age.

Was your experience on PublishOx good so far?

I know the reward cannot make us rich but it is an incentive that really encourages us.

The main reward that I am getting seems to be DIA that is a nice rewarding token.

Let's see how is my journey would be like on this platform in months to come.


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