High Risk Investment In TRX With High Profit

By fun2learn | fun2learn | 21 Jul 2020

I have just discovered that there are sites in the tron dapps that have very high interest for investing our TRX tokens with them.


 One of the highest sites that I have found is troninvesting.

I am currently staking my TRX on Atomic Wallet but it only gives 5% interest yearly.

I know that the popular high interest site called bankroll has been around for about a year and still actively coming out with new ideas for users to invest but the interest is still not as high as troninvesting.

troninvesting has a high interest of daily ROI of 17% for their 7-day package.

For 100 TRX, I can earn 119 TRX in 7 days with a total profit of 119%. (Actually profit is actually 19% after deducting our original investment)



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Most of my TRX are currently staking in my Atomic Wallet. I have about 40K of TRX but it only gives me a profit of about 5 TRX daily since it is paying 5% yearly as interest.

Like bankroll, we need to have Tronlink extension installed to make transfer fund into troninvesting for staking.

There were couple of payment proof for those who have staked with them but I must admit that it is an interest that is quite unrealistic but really attractive.

This site can disappear anytime if it wants to run away with all the TRX invested.

If I choose only to invest a little TRX for 7 days, I will earn many times when compared my staking at Atomic wallet.

It is high risk with its high unrealistic interest rate but I guess it will stay around for a short while since it seems to be quite new so it should be paying for now.


Below is the referral system stated on its website.

5% referral reward for level 1.

3% referral reward for level 2.

1% referral reward for level 3.

Invite bonus 1%

Please be reminded that this is a high-risk investment so we may gain a nice profit but we may also lose all if it disappears and runs away with all the TRX.

Warning - When this contract has zero trx balance, it would mean that no one can withdraw anymore trx. Do not invest as it is really risky.

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