Where Waldo? (Well Nano) - WeNano the real life Treasure Hunt

Hi All, Today i want to introduce an app game called WeNano. Its pretty fun but you need the ability to get around your hometown to use it. 


You open the app and see a google map interface with colored dots, click on a dot to see the payout amount. These represent nano hotspots. Travel (in the real world) to the spot, hit payout and you get some Nano! And not a little faucet amount but anywhere from 0.01 to 1 Nano. You also subscribe to the spot and can chat to other people Seems easy right? Well it pretty much is but it help to know a few things



Green dots are great, it means it is still paying out. Red is not great, it means it is all tapped out for now. The really fun ones are yellow colored and they have really large areas.



Each circle has a cutomsied area from 10m to 100,000 meters. You need to be in this area to claim. I have not had any problem except for one small area that was in a closed store!



Use filters! If you are having trouble finding spots, turn off empty ones! Turn off everything but special spots to find large zone areas.


But there are none near me!!! 

Luckly the nice people have allowed for a filter to find special spots. These cover regional and continental spots so anyone can claim :) There is even a world spot. Hint look in the oceans for them. 


Bonus spot! The international space station is on there and pays out if your in its path!


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Fun ways to get into crypto
Fun ways to get into crypto

I decide to write a (hopefully) series of blogs on how to get into different crypto coins easily and start to have a play, hopefully without needing to invest any money in the process.

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