How do we establish the value proposition for POB?

This blog is about a community POB with its own token that is running on a crypto called HIVE and how we can create a value proposition for this new token. While specific to HIVE and POB it was suggested it could have wider applications.


Ok so I don't have answer's only musings. Sorry if the langauge feels wrong, trying to apply an analytical lens. Any thoughts and comments on the below would be great :)

We need to start by asking why would the people of HIVE choose to a) engage in conversation with POB b) build a partnership with POB and c) recommended POB to other potential HIVE members.

We can determine this by exploring a range of questions including; what initial value can we bring to HIVE? What is about our service, process and brand that makes their life easier? Why these HIVE members would recommended us to others? At its essence we are trying to determine what makes POB so special that the HIVE members can’t help but to want to engage with us, partner with us and recommend us to other potential HIVE members.

There is an additional side project that will run alongside this that is of a more marketing and operational nature that will need to focus on how we ensure we do not lose or dilute this advantage once we have it.

One way to capture this information is to build the value proposition for each type of HIVE user. Through this process we look at both the profile of HIVE members we want to attact and our value and determine the fit between them. We explore the POB products & services, how they create gains and relieve pains of HIVE users. The fit between POB gain creators and HIVE desired gains and the HIVE members pain and POB pain relievers creates the value proposition. The value proposition allows us to succinctly understand why the HIVE members will initial engage with us, why they would want to partner with us and why they would ultimately recommend us to potential HIVE members.


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Fun ways to get into crypto
Fun ways to get into crypto

I decide to write a (hopefully) series of blogs on how to get into different crypto coins easily and start to have a play, hopefully without needing to invest any money in the process.

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