Ever wanted to FARM but it felt to hard? Now you can do it on HIVE!

So I love the idea of Farming but let's be honest it's tricky and expensive, you need to create a liquid pool, so first you need a pair of crypto, there's a fee, you need to make the pool, new fee, then stake it, one more fee etc... plus the whole time I am afraid I'm going to hit the wrong button or not be able to connect my wallet!

This blog is heavily reliant on the informative blog and information by my HIVE friend and onboarder @knowhow92 who answered question after question for me. It this information I am hoping to pass on to make an easy guide for newbies like me. Check out his work if you get a second.


Ok so this is the cool thing you can earn VFT by farming your tribe tokens (or HIVE if you want) and it is super easy!

Ok so first of all make sure you are using a PC web browser and have key chain installed.

Then go to


And hit login like you would any other front end


Ok then go to Farm to see the tokens you can FARM


You then hit create wallet (no Fee!!!!) and deposit as much as you would like.


Now a quick warning there is a deposit fee that varies but is 3% at most, but this the only fee you're going to pay.

If you go to


You can see the current APR


and a nifty feature where you can see your daily rewards if you enter your username


Now back to those fees and how long it takes to earn them back

I put 200 Pizza token in at 29.72 HIVE. I lost 6 in fees or 0.9 of HIVE

Today I will earn 2.13 VFT which is work 0.3 HIVE. So if I sell all my VFT for the first 3 days I make back my fees. Of course I'm going to put it into the VFT pool for no fees.

Ok so what is VFT? At the moment it is used to buy NFT but in a way it does not matter, what i really like is this is a low risk way to get into farming using a platform we are all comfortable with.

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Fun ways to get into crypto
Fun ways to get into crypto

I decide to write a (hopefully) series of blogs on how to get into different crypto coins easily and start to have a play, hopefully without needing to invest any money in the process.

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