Money For Nothin... Chicks For Free

By FullofShif | Full of SHIF | 10 Feb 2020

  I realize its an old song that many younger folks don't know but I always loved that song by Dire Straits, Money For Nothing. Its what every one dreams of right, getting money for nothing? You know sitting back on the beach without a care in the world while money just piles up in your bank account all while the girls just flock around you. Well while that's the chorus line the song isn't about getting money for nothing. Its about how people view rock stars and how they just get paid to play music, not really "working for a living". 

  The reason I bring this up today is because i just got my first ever withdrawal of BAT from Publish0x. Some might say that I got "money for nothing". I wrote a few posts, read a lot more and I was rewarded for those efforts. Money for nothing, right? Wrong, I really didn't get money for nothing, what I got was money for time and energy invested instead of sweat equity or "real work". I invested and I was rewarded. Not enough to lay on the beach yet but its a work in progress.

  If you read one of my other posts you'll read where I grew up in a very rural, blue collar part of America where a lot of credence is paid to "hard work". To those folks, "hard work" is the equivalent to manual labor. There's a pervasive "if you ain't sweatin', you ain't workin' mentality there". And I understand that because that is a culture that goes back a long way, so in there mind reading and writing on Publsih0x isn't working. Its getting "money for nothing". Investing isn't working in their mind.

  I think it's important that I add that not only did I get rewarded with real money (crypto) but I've also been rewarded with knowledge that comes from reading a lot of the posts here. My investment here is paying off. I am getting real returns in both money and knowledge. The proof of one just hit my account today and well the other one, you'll just have to take my word for it.

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Just a guy who woke up one day realizing that I wasn't the person I wanted to be. Living a life thinking "I really should have" or "If I had only". Finally calling myself out for being full of should's and if's (full of shif so to speak). Well no more.

Full of SHIF
Full of SHIF

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