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The experts who travel in deep waters, which have yet to be discovered, have discovered 25 different living things that are hard to find in this world!


Dragon Fish

The dragon fish, which lives at a depth of 2000 meters and produces its own light, is about 15 centimeters in length.



He uses the light on his chin to both mating and catching the attention of his prey. The dragon fish has sharp teeth and has teeth on its tongue."If it wasn't for a banana, it would be a nightmare for other fish in the sea," officials said.


Frilly Shark

The photo of the frilly shark, who lives about 1500 meters deep in the ocean, seems to have jumped out of the sci-fi movie, but it's true. There are 300 females, consisting of about 25 ordinary people! This species of shark, believed to be extinct, was found in tooth fossils, but was discovered in Japan in the 19th century.



The Vampire Squid

This fish, whose name means "vampire from hell", turns itself into a ball and slowly cuts its phosphorous organs and creates an impression that it has gone away. It throws some kind of mucus with glowing particles instead of ink.




Big Red Jellyfish

The large red jellyfish, which has been found in only 23 specimens so far, carries a red spot on its body, as its name suggests. He lives 600 - 1500 meters deep in the ocean, and he can grow to 100cm in length. He uses his chubby legs, not his tentacles, to lure his prey.




Giant Squid

Giant squidfish, once thought to be legendary creatures, are marine mollusks belonging to the family of Architeuthidae, who lived in deep oceans and reached enormous heights. The length of the male is up to 19 meters, while the female is up to 10 meters. There is no scientific evidence to support such an assumption, even if there are examples that reach 25 metres in length.




Ugly Fish

Ugly fish is a species of fish attached to the Scorpaeniformes team. This fish lives in deep waters along the mainland, Australia and Tasmania, as well as in New Zealand waters. It can live between 600 meters and 1200 meters. Because of its color and appearance, it is named ugly fish. Body weight varies between 4-6 kg. Their length is sometimes half a meter.




Coffin Fish

Located on the east coast of southwestern Pacific and Australia, this marine predator lives at a depth of 50 to 300 m. Although it can grow up to 22 cm maximum, it has a thorny body, and it can inflate itself at the time of danger, giving fear to its enemies.




Giant Isopod

Giant isopods are one of the most interesting of crustaceans. They can grow up to 45 cm and weigh 1.7 kg and live in the depths of the ocean. These living things, fed with dead whales, fish and Inkfish, in some cases live there by eating the languages of the living creature they live in as hosts.





These fish wait in the bottoms, among the algae, without moving at all, just keeping their eyes and mouths out. From the first ray of the back fin and the touch that comes to the top of his mouth, it radiates light from the side like a tassel and pulls his prey to the side with the yakamozlarla that it creates at the bottom of the sea and suddenly opens his mouth and swallows it.




Octopus With Blue Rings

It's one of the world's most poisonous animals, the poison can kill 30 people and 10,000 mice at the same time. Live in the deep waters of the ocean. The Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean are abundant. Poisons kill a person in 2-3 minutes. Tetrodotoxin, the poison, is 10,000 times more poisonous than cyanide.There is no antidote to this poison, but to get rid of death, it reduces the effects of heart massage and circumcision. Some victims can die in 90 hours.




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