Buy crypto automatically using your bank card

By fulghum | fulghum | 3 Jul 2019

Coinbase is introducing a new product for its customers. Since July 2019 it is possible to set up repeated purchases of credit card forgiveness. Use a bank card to set up recurring purchases. The easiest way to build your crypto portfolio just got easier.

You can now set up a recurring purchase on Coinbase using a bank card. To get started, simply add a new debit card or re-upload the card currently linked to your account.

Here's how it works

1. Monthly or weekly purchases, made easy

Recurring purchases are the easiest way to buy regular amounts of crypto. This can reduce the price volatility of an asset over time. Learn more here.

2. Select the amount & frequency

Choose the crypto you’d like to buy, add the amount, and then hit the clock icon to choose how often you’d like to buy it.

3. Set it and forget it

Once you’ve set up your recurring purchase, we’ll automatically make buys for you, unless you change or cancel it.



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