Comparing drawdowns across major crypto projects

Comparing drawdowns across major crypto projects

Hi friends-

Thought it would be a good time to look at how some of the major crypto projects have performed in this most recent sell-off.   The analysis below shows two things for each project:  How far we are from the highs (drawdown).

You can see below that ETH has fared the best so far and is only down 6% while DOGE has fared the worst, being down nearly 70%.   To the right of each drawdown number I've included the most recent StratVal level.

As a reminder, Stratval is a proprietary oscillator (similar to RSI) that compares an asset's risk adjusted performance relative to it's own history.  I look at it like a temperature gauge on an engine to show me when an asset is getting overheated (too expensive) or when the engine is nice and cool and ready to run for a long time (cheap).    I've used it for many years across a number of asset classes and have personally found it to be far more useful than RSI. 

You can see here that AVAX is the closest to getting overheated with a reading of 4.67.   ADA is on the other hand of the spectrum with a reading of -3.14.

I'm pasting the 50 day StratVal chart for Bitcoin under the drawdown rankings to give you a sense of what it look like through time.  The drawdown analysis also has the StratVal reading for each project.

For any of you long-term HODLR's that are looking to use this sell-off as an entry point, hope this is helpful.  As always, this is not investment advice so please do your own research!






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