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Earn Crypto for Content Generation

By JohnnyFriday | Friday AI | 17 Mar 2022

WEb3 demands a serious amount of content creation. From the incessant posting of NFT airdrops to the release of new coins and projects, success seems to be determined by the amount of content you can create, despite its perceived 'quality'.

Now we have a solution that may knock out 3 birds with one properly shaped stone. As some of you may know, natural language generation by AI has come to the point of practical usage. Bloggers, Advertisers, and Writers are now using tools such as Jasper, Content AI, Copy AI and others to make quick money off people demanding content or in their own name. Now that the web2 model has proved successful, it's time to consider how to transform this tool to the web3 world.

Friday AI ( is an up and coming platform that is quickly reaching the level of usefulness of its competitors but has breached the web3 world before anyone else. Logging in with Metamask and using BUSD, USDC, and USDT to pay for Friday's service is already online. This means you can create content using your crypto cash, a huge advantage for those that have a few extra coins to throw around.

But this is just the start: we plan to release a Friday coin, one that rewards users for creating content and of course can be used to pay for more Friday service. We are also considering the process of minting text, maybe things such as slogans or catch phrases that people can in a sense digitally trademark. These are just possible directions, the development can go in so many ways.

Give Friday a shot, we would love to hear what you think about our service and will reward for feedback :) Jump into our discord to continue the discussion:

Happy Content Creation

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Working in the Web3 natural language generation space, earn to create content and refer friends

Friday AI
Friday AI

For millions of content creators around the world, creating content is a daily task that requires tools to perfect. The early days had spell check and more recently tools like Grammarly have come along to help correct and optimize written language. Friday AI is a writing tool that can create content for you giving you nearly limitless possibilities of what can be created.

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