Losing it. Pie-diet?

By Wakeupkitty | Freewriting | 7 Sep 2019

## How to loose weight?

Fact in the past 40-50 years humans gained weight fast.

If we look back at the 60-s and 70-s (watch some commercials on YouTube or films) we looked different, so did our pets.

We changed our standards if it comes to a normal weight and when we are overweighted.

The old rule was: your body length in centimeters minus 100 = your weight in kilograms.

BMI shows a range of over 20 pounds!


Losing weight is easier said as done.

Especially if you do not drink alcohol, eat candies/cookies, potato chips, bread, pizza, pasta, ice cream, potatoes and you only drink water and tea (without sugar and milk).

If you stuff yourself daily with fastfood and potato chips and drink bottles of soda a day it is a piece of cake.

## My youngest should loose some weight

I join her since prednisone made me gain weight.

Facts/proved by scientists:

- some medication make you gain weight

- fast food and fabricated food make you gain weight

- transfat makes fat

- a lack of sleep (less as 10 hours) makes fat

- we have not the same high/fast digestion

- we do not burn calories in the same way

- some do get fat from eating less (your ancestors survived the "hunger winter"? It chances the dna and makes you body do more with less food).

It is 6 months ago I stopped taking prednisone. All the weight I gained is still there. I eat less and move more (I count my steps).

My youngest is doing over 20k steps a day. Goes by bike to school now (two hours extra exercise) and has one hour sport on schooldays. No candies, cakes, cookies, lemonade, bread, pasta anymore. In the past 4 weeks the losing of weight is disappointing.

In the past week it only gained weight.

The diet is once a day or twice a day fruit, vegetables (or vegetable soup) egg or meat or cheese.

It is very hard for me to believe you can gain weight with such a diet.
There are no sauces used, no fat, home cooked and less food as before.


We will keep trying to loose weight and eat less fruit. It is the only thing we eat that contains sugar.

If that won't work we try out the pie-diet.

Pie diet?

I read an article about a lady who tried everything but did not lose weight she only gained more. As she was on a holiday in Spain she had it with dieting and ate what she liked. Mainly pie. Guess what? She lost weight fast. All that fat for some reason was the key.

I can remember I always lost weight on my holidays to Hungary. I did not sleep longer, wasn't more active but did eat pie daily. I lost weight during these holidays and my digestion stayed about three werks that way once back home.

Note: My youngest lived from french fries (no sauce/mayo), pancakes, cookies and chocolate for years and never was overweighted.

What changed? Hormones, a healthier life style?

It is very demotivating if you are so active, hardly eat and only gain weight. Should we stop eating at all and live from air only?


It is still there. We did not eat it yet. Should we skip the birthday or start out pie-diet with it? Usually I bake my own, once a week during winters and bigger. I use no eggs, oil instead of butter, water instead of milk and oatmeal. It seldom makes it too the second weight. We never had a weight problem.

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