Dead end

Dead end

By Wakeupkitty | Freewriting | 3 Sep 2019

"It was an advantage!" I said half-shouting.

My response was instinctive.
I should better have kept my mouth shut. I should have known better after all these years. He was not the kind of person to listen to a reason given, any excuse.
Bam his fist landed on my face. Too late.

No way back. He pulled my hair I felt his fist, his knee behind my legs...
No way back, no way to defend me. He told me a thousand times I was the one who made him do this. Me and my big mouth. Why could I not simply obey? Allah will not love me... there is no place for me in this world nor in heaven...

She got there about five minutes faster than the speed limit allowed...
Too late. No one would believe her. Who believes you if you are a girl covered. They say it is free choice, you live in a free world but from the moment on you are born men rule. Is it really Allah who says we are less, useless? If there is so less chance for us women to make it to heaven why bother?

I heard her cry before it became silent. I know they will stone me to death, take my children away from me... they all agree if he ties me up and drags me behind his car through the village. They will cheer and applause, say I deserve it. The police will not come to my aid. They never do. They are men.

I am just a woman. A person without any rights. My 10 year old son treats me like a piece of shit. He does not show any respect. I should have drown him right after his birth.
She cries, asks for help. She is my friend, I have to help her.

The last thing I saw was blood, her blood, and the blue headband, her headband.
He grinned at me, thinks he is untouchable.
Man, you are so wrong. This world does not need people like you. The last thing you saw was me. Me smiling at you. I could not save her, my best friend but I saved the world from a sick person like you.
It is the first time I am happy women will not make it to heaven. Thank you, Allah, for never meet him again.


To Yüksel, you will always be in my mind, a part of me. I hope you are free now.

This is my entry to a weekendfreewrite on This story with 3 given prompts you can find on #Steemit and #WEKU too.

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