Social happenings and ordinances update from a big USA city

By Aerials | Freedom Path | 20 Mar 2020

Hello, world. I am writing from North Hollywood, California - a rather crowded place. The traffic goes as usual, I don't see any difference in car movement on a major street just outside my window.

Two of my family members went to work despite the new ordinance or whatever it is that supposedly prohibits people to do so. The thing is they do not work in public places - one job is a remote construction project where only 2 people are on site, and the other one is babysitting an old lady who doesn't leave her apartment. I am not sure if these types of jobs fall into the new poorly defined "do not go to work" category, but the thing is that without them we won't be able to pay rent. 

I was planning to drive to the mountains to hike with my daughter, but now I am not sure if we can be stopped by law enforcement. Are we legally allowed to be outside if no other people are present next to us? One of the articles stated that people CAN go out for exercise and walks as long as they do not come in close contact with others. 

In the face of all this I started my home-grown food projects. Is a trip to the store to get soil for my veggies considered essential if it means growing my own food in times when I can't go to work? I am very confused about these rules, and I am very aware that my questions and this post in general will make some people upset or angry, BUT I feel the need to put my concerns out there. 

Now, I also have a bunch of questions and worries about how all this happened and how it will change our society in the near future. For instance, will they come up with a mandatory vaccine that will be required by law or at least to attend public schools? Will the vaccine be forced on people and even home-schooled kids in the future? Does it mean I will have to leave the country if I want us to skip the vaccine? Another question is if another situation like this happens in the future with something even more serious, will we see martial law and military on our streets? Will non-compliant people be sent to camps?

Am I too paranoid and taking this too far? 

As far as illness itself, I believe we all should take it as a big last warning and start taking better care of ourselves. Regular exercise, good immune system, healthy food, less stress and emotional/psychological problems, aerobic exercises for cardiovascular and lung health, implementation of foods like ginger, red pepper, and other super-foods, staying active, regular nature/outdoors time... How many of us actually do this on a regular basis? 



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