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By Aerials | Freedom Path | 28 Mar 2020

I am in southern California. I have just received an alert on my phone that they have closed beaches and trails. This is it - we are officially under house arrest. I haven't looked it up yet, but I assume that from now on people can be cited, fined, or charged for being outside their homes for anything other than going to the doctor or performing essential tasks like buying truly necessary survival food. Seems like it doesn't matter anymore that I can park outside of town for a secluded walk a mile away from every other human being in the f*cking desert. I will still be CHARGED for it as if it was a crime. 

I am not a very social being. That is, I DO NOT go to clubs, bars, parties and other types of gatherings. I generally prefer to go for lonely walks, hikes, runs during which I barely see any other people... And if I do, they usually are at least 20-50 feet away. I am saying this to make it understandable that I AM NOT whining because of lack of "social life". Social life as in "visits, movie nights, parties, restaurants" isn't something I would miss a lot since I don't engage in these activities anyway.  

My father, who still went to work today (construction), said that many people are buying ammunition. I assume they are ordering it online since stores like Big-5 or gun shops are closed. 

Now, dear readers, I don't know what your opinions are and I don't want to argue about the necessity to be careful and stay safe in times of an obvious threat to us and especially our elders, BUT

I believe that these events mark the historical moment when our freedom of conscious decision-making is literally taken away. After this virus thing passes, our world won't be the same. People and entities who rule human world are using this pandemic (which was created on purpose) to change certain things and processes in the world forever. 

As of now, I am working out at home. A lot. I would actually call it "training". Very varied training practices, studying crypto, meditating, growing vegetables in pots, and actively searching for a way to move out of the big city as soon as possible. The events of the past months have shown that this is not a way to live. 




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