A somewhat weird "new" world

By Aerials | Freedom Path | 18 Mar 2020

I went out to pick up my child's educational materials today since we might be out of school till the beginning of the next school year. People stood 10 feet away from each other, some wore masks. No one was talking to one another. They let us into the cafeteria in groups of four, and teachers were wearing respirators. My child's teacher offered to come back tomorrow for the home study book for the second grade since the first grade one is way too primitive. I looked inside and agreed - most of it was VERY basic math and things like spelling of three and four letter words. Oh, well... I was looking forward to start homeschooling anyway since I have many disagreements with the public education system. 

We went to our regular park. The only person there was a lady with two dogs that we sometimes play with. We played with dogs and listened to her complaints that all the toilet paper was gone. I expressed my curiosity about the fact that everyone goes crazy about this particular product. What is it with this obsession with toilet paper rolls? Are they that essential? Do people tend to use the restroom like 50 times a day? Do they realize that in case of lack of toilet paper they could just use a small amount of regular tap water from the sink to wash themselves down there? If you eat 3 to 5 times a day, how many times do you need to do that? Am I the only person in this whole country who doesn't feel paranoid about paper scarcity? I'd be more worried about lack of drinking water, for one. My apartment has a filter, but if that doesn't work, I can boil tap water. If they turn off the water supply, then we are screwed. I have a portable survival water filter in my car, it's supposed to be good enough to filter hundreds of gallons. It should work even for river or puddle water, and yes, I can boil that one afterwards as well. 

After the park, I took my daughter to eat to a seafood place right on the shoreline by where fishermen bring back all the crabs and other sea creatures. The food is always fresh, and the only place you can sit is outside. No one was there. I ordered her kids meal. We sat at the farthest table, ate, fed some pigeons and seagulls and observed the pier and the ocean. One military looking guy passed by, he was sweaty and exercising. The cooks were friendly and happy to see us, only one person inside was wearing a mask. 

What can I say... Looks like my child will be with me 24/7 and I need to come up with a new money-making plan. I am a freelancer half the time anyway, but my very useful delivery and dog watching side jobs are now GONE till who knows when. 

Many things are going on in the world right now, and I am not talking just about the spread of the virus itself. While we are being fed the news about corona-virus all day long through ALL informational channels and sources, many more sinister developments are going on everywhere around us. 


my thoughts on latest events and coronavirus here  

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