On freedom, global panic, and some “conspiracies”

By Aerials | Freedom Path | 18 Mar 2020

I suspect this is a test, a major global tryout. Those who rule this world need to know exactly how people of the world will behave in times of an invisible, invincible threat.

Will they panic? Will there be riots? Will humans stick together and help one another, or will they start attacking strangers over toilet paper rolls and the last carton of milk? And, most importantly, will they willingly obey the authorities, and how well? 

I won’t call myself a conspiracy theorist, but I won’t call myself naive either. Not too many things happen in our social, political, and economic spheres “just because”. Yes, there are natural disasters, yes, there are changing weather conditions, yes, there are fires and hurricanes and droughts... But there also are numerous bio-chemical labs all over the world, and many of them will never reveal what they actually work on and whether or not it adheres to our common perception of ethics, morals, human rights, and humanity. 

My thoughts on current situation with this whole pandemic thing are conflicted. Personally, I do not believe anything fully but take everything in consideration. I don’t mean to say that the virus is fake - it is very much real, and that’s not my point. The point is that it feels like people of the world are being guided in a certain set direction... But no one seems to question who has set it and why. Everyone is too busy listening to the news that is obviously censored and running around markets buying supplies...

Again, I don’t mean to say that supplies aren’t necessary, but what about everything else? Is no one out there wondering what is going on? I see so many posts and articles that are just repetitions of one another... “let’s stay strong, let’s unite, let’s listen to what they tell us to do, let’s wash our hands, let’s limit contact...” Yes, let’s do all that, and I hope it helps! But dear people, let’s also use our brain, intuition, and critical thinking.

It seems to me that the world just went nuts, but it’s something beyond normal fear and precautions in the face of a potentially dangerous illness. This event has influenced the whole world on all levels and in all spheres of life, and I can’t believe it is an accident.

I am very tempted now to go into this whole “Georgia stones” topic and many other things, but I’ll stop here.

Understandably, it is hard to think and do things when we are afraid. The brain goes into survival mode - a silly modern one which correlates with our current industrial lifestyle and “civilized” life strategies. Being consumerism and comfort-oriented creatures, we buy and lock ourselves in, buy and isolate, buy and wait for things to get better in the relative comfort of our living conditions. And then there’s always TV, news, entertainment, that stuff won’t go away... well, unless there is a global scale blackout.

I wish to all of you not only to stay safe and take care of your loved ones, but also to think, think HARD and not fully believe anything whether it is official news or alternative news and other sources of information.

Truth is elusive, and my belief is that there are many entities and systems in this world which live off our lack of knowledge, understanding, and, of course, personal strength and willpower. Most of us are fully dependent on a multitude of things that control our lives, our schedules, our happiness, and even our physical processes such as health conditions or sleep cycles... What freedoms exactly are we talking about? 

Be well,

- Your fellow anxious, curious, doubting human being. 



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