What does the word "deadly" mean?
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What does the word "deadly" mean?

By howardroark | Freedom From Violence | 23 Jul 2020

      Seriously, I'm confused. If you watch TV daily, (please stop that BTW) all you hear about is this "deadly" virus. Well, is this virus deadly? After about 5 seconds of critical thinking, I have determined that, no, it isn't deadly. According to Webster


"Likely to cause, or capable of causing death"

      Technically anything is "capable" of causing death.  Things such as opening a wine bottle wrong, or stubbing your toe, or drinking too much water.  I'm sure there have been documented cases of people passing away due to almost anything. So "capable" really tells us nothing. But likely tells you everything you need to know, and how to put things in perspective for friends, enemies, and family members who are upset over this covid nonsense. Consider this your critical thinking guide.

     First, let's talk about a couple things that are truly deadly. A rattlesnake bite, or getting shot in the head with a shotgun. Are these deadly things? Certainly people live through them, but not a single one of these people have no symptoms. When you get bite by a poisonous snake, and don't die, you suffer extreme pain and in some cases wish you were dead. Same goes for the shotgun.

     This virus, on the other hand,


"Up to 80% of people don't know they have it"


     If you have read the novel "1984", you know that the state in the book confuse and destroy language itself. Constantly changing words and their meanings.  Journalists, IMO, are one step above or below politicians in the integrity sphere. Using the word "Deadly" to confuse and train you for a fear response.  Can you imagine a world in which a shotgun blast to the face didn't even affect 80% or 50% of the populace. Not a very effective weapon. People wouldn't be scared of snakes at all. Kids would be playing with rattlesnakes for fun. 

"Hey, Joey put down the rattlesnake, Dad's got you a shotgun to play with"


    Words have meanings, and they know it. You people are there for their amusement and manipulation. Here is another example from last year. Anyone even remember last year? Me neither, but apparently in the beginning of 2019 the United States has a measles outbreak that almost killed us all! They, again, referred to the measles as "deadly". Problem was, not a single person died. This was a problem for them so apparently they had to try again this year.


    That's a pretty scary article there. Almost like they plan........I mean err....predicted the future. Comparing measles to a nuclear war...........is a bit extreme right? I also just noticed that article involved New York, New York.  Journalist and Politicians walk hand in hand scaring you into giving them control and money. We have been dumbed down so much, that we continue to trust these people even if just 5 minutes ago, they punched you right in the face and stole your lunch money.

  At least, for the love of James T Kirk, remember that Journalists are activists. They aren't in it to report all the info. Just the parts they agree with and want you to agree with.


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Howard Roark is a fictional character from "The FountainHead" by author Ayn Rand. He has come to life to share his infinite wisdom with the world.

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Freedom From Violence

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