Uphold, BAT, and what PublishOx can do: A Proposal

By howardroark | Freedom From Violence | 15 Sep 2020

  I have a proposal for the publishox community, that may not be possible, but one can only try when an idea comes into their Brain Hole.

I have alot of BAT on my main computer. I refuse to deal with Uphold and give them my ID, and many here probably feel the same. The Brave Browser is awesome, except for it's deal with UPHOLD. The two seem in direct conflict as far as privacy is concerned.

So, my idea or grand proposal: 

Publishox members tip to PublishOx lots of BAT, they take a percentage, and then give the rest to the members who donated it. PublishOx replaces Uphold in this way.I believe if publishox did this, it would attract alot more people. I'm sure there are lots of BAT siting in brave browsers just because of uphold. Publishox could even advertise in this way. "Get you BAT with no ID".

It could be that everyone's BAT tips are spread across the entire community or something. To avoid Uphold, I'd take a 50% haircut. 

The only problem I see, is How do they know who tipped, and how much? Is this even possible when you log in? Maybe you simply can't tell that Howard Roark tipped Publishox all his BAT from his browser.

I just had the idea, and thought I'd share this. Maybe I'm missing something that makes this completely outlandish. I apologize if so.


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Howard Roark is a fictional character from "The FountainHead" by author Ayn Rand. He has come to life to share his infinite wisdom with the world.

Freedom From Violence
Freedom From Violence

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