FREE ZEN and ZEC Instantly

FREE ZEN and ZEC Instantly

Hello fellow HODLers, I have a few more instant withdraw faucets to write about in today's article. Get your deposit address and wallets ready for some free crypto. Let's jump on in and get started to earn free crypto instantly.

Free Zen Faucet

ZEN or HoriZEN is a great project which aims to help make blockchain technologies easily accessible for businesses and developers. Using ZEN to build private or public blockchains using their unique side chain known as Zendoo. Opening up the crypto-verse to small businesses, corporations and developers is a step in the right direction for crypto. So picking up and stacking "Zennies" is definitely a good idea.

Here's how you can accumulate some Zennies yourself. Simply head over to this site and add your ZEN deposit address after signing up. You can claim once every day so be sure to check back daily for more Zen. You can multiply your earnings daily by completing a few easy steps such as: adding your facebook account, following on Twitter, using the Brave browser, linking your Linkedin account and Google account.

Free ZEC Faucet

Earning free ZCash or ZEC is very similar if not identical to the above faucet. You simply sign up, enter your ZEC deposit address and claim every 24 hours. Again you can claim bonus ZEC from adding your social media accounts and using the Brave browser to claim.

Here's a bonus faucet for claiming free ZEC, however keep in mind it only accepts ZEC addresses. For anyone interested, you can find it here:


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