Is MINEX (Free Mining) Legitimate?

Is MINEX Legitimate?


I came across this site called MINEX that claims to give each of its registered user with free 3000 Gh/s without buying any paid mining power.

  • 3000 Gh/s to your balance immediately after registration.
  • Use bonuses, ref link and banners to increase profits.
  • Collect bonuses from 10 Gh / s to 70 Gh / s every 60 minutes.
  • Get 50 Gh / s for each referral and 14% of replenishment.
  • Earn 4% per day, when replenishing the balance by $ 50.
  • Get the answer to your question in real time.

The complimentary hash power can be used to mine one of the followings: Litecoin, Monero, Tron, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Degecoin. I set it to mine Tron just to test the legitimacy of the site and company. While the minimum withdrawal amount for Tron is 200, I should be able to find out whether or not the earned coins can be reinvested to purchase additional mining power in the next few days or so.

Has anyone used MINEX? If so, please share your experience with it and also confirm its legitimacy?

I will be testing the site for the two things below:

  1. If the earned coins can be used to purchase their mining pack/power (UPDATE: Confirmed on 01/07/2021).
  2. If it will actually let you successfully withdraw your earned coins after passing their minimum withdrawal balance.
Since there is nothing to lose, if you want to give it a try then join MINEX and test it for yourself.



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