Higher Rewards from Faucets thanks to the "Market Crash"

By Adrian Castaneda | Free_Crypto_News | 19 May 2021

Some Faucets are paying higher rewards thanks to the most recent deep in the crypto market.

How and why is this possible?

Many faucets usually pay a fixed amount of dollars which then they convert to crypto using the current market price. Then, they pay you. Hence, you can now get higher crypto rewards using the same faucets. That is the bottom line of this short but consice article. Take action and take advantage of it.

To Illustrate this concept, here is an example of how that is possible.

Let’s assume we are using DOGE-Faucet, 

At its peak, DOGE was valued at roughly $0.71 per coin. At the time of the edition of this article DOGE is trading roughly at $0.39 per coin. Meaning they can buy more DOGE with the same amount of dollars assigned for each reward. 

Therefore, before the deep:

I was getting paid this per claim from DOGE-Faucet:



Now, after the deep I am getting paid this per claim:



The same applies for Litecoin-Faucet:

Before the deep I was getting paid this on May 12th:



Now, they are paying me this per claim:



Do not forget you need to have a FaucetPay account so they can send your rewards. If you want to know more about FucetPay you can check out my other Article on criptowallets here. Make sure you have one and start collecting your rewards while the crypto prices are low and work to our advantage. Good luck everyone!

Create your FaucetPay account here.


Links to other Faucets that pay every 5 minutes:

Dogecoin Faucet (DOGE)

Tron Faucet (TRX)

Digibyte (DGB)

Ethereum Faucet (ETH)

Bitcoin Faucet (BTC)




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Adrian Castaneda
Adrian Castaneda

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