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By Adrian Castaneda | Free_Crypto_News | 12 May 2021

Fair enough! BitcoinMania started as a very “sketchy” website which I thought would disappear after a few weeks like many others. However, things are turning around.

This fairly new Bitcoin cloud mining platform (94 days since the day it was created) started off with the left foot. However, in the last few weeks BitcoinMania team has made some great effort to explain the economics of the game and how they plan to make it a profitable business for them as well as for the players. This has changed the whole picture to our advantage and has added transparency to the platform. 

The platform has secured some interesting sponsors which helps them remain profitable while allowing players to mine BTC. The plan seems to be working out for the platform as well as for the players. Therefore, I believe BitcoinMania is likely to stay around a long time just like RollerCoin

The concept of the game is similar to RollerCoin in some ways (if you don’t know what Rollercoin is click here to read about it). It allows players to earn crypto by playing arcade games and also by purchasing miners that will generate a fixed amount of BTC daily for an indefinite time. A simple but straightforward concept that seems appealing to many of us already playing RollerCoin and want to pocket some crypto in our spare time. 


Ways to generate Bitcoin in BitcoinMania:

1. Free miner when you sign up:

The platform will tease you by giving you a free miner which will generate a small amount of Satoshi every day: 15 SAT every 24 hrs. Just make sure you collect at least every 24 hours, otherwise your miner will stop producing Satoshi.



2. Arcade games:

Since this platform is fairly new; they only have "two" games; one is a real game that will remind you of Flappy Bird (if you ever played the popular game back in the day) and resembles one of RollerCoin games. This game allows you to generate 40 Satoshi every 24hrs. The game should take you anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes to complete depending on your ability. There is a second game I will not cover because it requires betting your hard earned Satoshi, therefore I will not mention it here.


Combined you can start generating 55 Satoshi from the first day with, barely, any effort. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the platform is in constant development and more games will be added in the near future that will allow you to generate more BTC daily. I believe that, as they continue to grow attracting more players and more sponsors, more opportunities to generate Bitcoin will be added.


The next question is: Is it worth it? And, should I invest in it?

I truly believe this platform deserves a shot. They are proving they want to stay in business and the transparency factor is key to convenience skeptics like myself. I am certainly giving this platform a chance. Since it allows me to generate some free BTC with little to no effort. 

Now, investinG: I would suggest (as I always have) not to invest your own money and if you do, do some extensive research before you commit your money on any app, game or platform. However, reinvesting your in-game generated income is a more viable option for me. I will actually reinvest my earnings to buy a miner to increase my daily earnings.


The game offers several miners starting at 5,000 Satoshi and will produce 30 Satoshi per day indefinitely. In other words, once you buy your miner, it is there to stay and mine for you forever. 

The Math Behind Reinvesting:

Besides the fact that reinvesting your earnings allows the platform to strengthen its economy, it also allows you to generate more BTC daily and in the long term. Let us assume we buy the least expensive miner for 5000 Satoshi. You should be able to make it back in 59 days. 

Purchasing one miner for 5,000 Satoshi:

Free Miner: 15 Satoshi

Game: 40 Satoshi

Purchased Miner: 30 Satoshi

Daily Total: 85 Satoshi

Return on Investment (ROI) 59 days (85 Satoshi * 59 days: 5015 Satoshi)

Everything after that would be profit. However I believe we can continue to reinvest until we have a decent amount of mining power. That is just me and it is the strategy I will use. As I am a firm believer that reinvesting first is always better.


Purchasing two miners for 5,000 Satoshi each:

Free Miner:   15 Satoshi

Game:  40 Satoshi

Purchased Miner1:   30 Satoshi

Purchased Miner2:  30 Satoshi

Daily Total: 115 Satoshi

Return on Investment (ROI): 44 days (115 Satoshi * 44 days: 5060 Satoshi)

In this Hypothetical case with 2 miners, we would be able to make our investment back in 44 days using only reinvested funds. The same math can be applied if you want to find out how much you can generate if you purchase more miners. And, if you would like to speed up the process you may deposit small amounts of Satoshi using micro wallets offered within the “Shop” section. Some of us have small amounts of Satoshi in different micro wallets that we could put to work. 


A list of miners and their respective mining capabilities will be listed below: 

MINER NAME                              PRICE                DAILY INCOME

GeForce GTX 1060                          Free                     15   Satoshi

GeForce GTX 1080 Ti                    5,000   Sat             30   Satoshi 

GeForce RTX 2070                      10,000   Sat             60    Satoshi

GeForce RTX 2080                      50,000   Sat            300  Satoshi

Radeon RX 5700                       100,000   Sat            600  Satoshi

Radeon RX 5700 XT                  200,000   Sat          1,200  Satoshi

GeForce RTX 2080 Super          500,000   Sat           3,600 Satoshi


Lastly, I want to emphasize another aspect I like about this mining platform. The current player base is still small. At the time of writing this article the game has a little under 30,000 players. Rollercoin, another great “mining” platform has by now over 800,000 players and counting and as everything, as games get larger it becomes increasingly difficult to claim rewards. Therefore, I think having a small amount of players thus far is a great thing for us. And it allows you to enter the platform early on and position yourself with miners and be ready and better prepared for when new updates come up. The platform is in the process of adding ways to earn Ether (ETH) pretty soon, so I am sure that will come with added ways to earn more crypto.

With that being said, take a chance to look at the platform, as this could be one great opportunity for the long term. Happy mining everyone. 

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Adrian Castaneda

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