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By Poey | Free Bitcoin | 1 Nov 2021


HoneyGain is a site where users get paid to allow HoneyGain to share their internet connection, basically your unused data can now make you money. Depending on the amount of unused data will determine the amount you get in rewards. It’s quite simple, download the app and share. Then watch your rewards accumulate.  


HoneyGain offers daily free points ranging from 10 to 100. Once you reach 20,000 points you can cash out via PayPal or Bitcoin. I make on average 11,000 point a month and I have HoneyGain running on my work computer and my personal computer at home. My fiancé has his running on his phone and personal computer at home as well.


HoneyGain also offers free 5,000 if you sign up using a referral code, meaning you could cash out 25% faster the first time. If you refer your family members and friends then you will see your gains accumulate quickly and be able to cash out more often. Here’s a trick I’ve learned, when I reach the 20,000 points and can cash out I watch Bitcoin and wait for it to have a bad day or low day and withdraw when it is down. You can withdraw to any Bitcoin wallet too so if you are trying to hid from KYC you can do that.


Here is my referral code. Hope on the HoneyGain train, you will not regret it and will be earning free Bitcoin or cash depending if you cash out via PayPal or Bitcoin.

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Free Bitcoin

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