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By foxyfoxy | FoxBlog | 2 May 2022

One survivors story I have been meaning to explore for some time is Brooke Federline, recommended by Emma from the Imagination. I have finally got round to listening to the first of her interviews with Emma.

Brooke is from New Zealand. At first she thought she was crazy, for the weird things she could remember, and being able to know things that would later happen.

Brooke later found out that she had been told what would happen, in fact had been trained for these times. The amnesia was from trauma based mind control – monarch programming. She had Disney programming amongst others.

Her role was to track train and recruit satan’s army and implement new world order.

Its very important for people to realise that people may be totally unaware they are mind controlled and programmed until a certain trigger or accident or something causes them to very gradually and in a confused fashion start putting the pieces of their life together. Confirmation to Brooke came also by reading others stories like Brice Taylor and Cathy O’Brien.

She started sharing on facebook about the NWO and how it was going to start first in NZ and Phoenix Arizona. Then on 6/6/16 the police came into her home, sprayed her with with a knockout chemical, kidnapped her, and beat her and reprogrammed that rogue alter.


They knew which alter it was as she cut the name of that alter in to her leg – this must have been a “tell” alter installed to tell if she does anything wrong according to the programmers.

The fact they did this convinced Brooke her that what she was saying must be right.

Her task included killing all of the people that were against it and that was not in her heart. She was so scared that the programming would kick in so she was willing to kill herself so that she wouldn’t do what she was trained to do.

Her family were in the cult, and her grandfather was friends with HRC, Poppy (presumably George Bush senior) and others.

Brooke had to fight through alcoholism from aged 13, early sexual experiences and dissociation amnesia as a result of the abuse.

Individuals like Brooke become targetted individuals as the cabal does not want their secrets revealed and programmed individuals can be attacked with chemical or even a word, sound, colour, telephone call which can lead to a change of alter and being taken back into cabal control. This is scary. It reminds me of Malcolm who had a tattoo Non-consensual , MKUltra Sleeper Assassin Test Subject, written on his thigh.

Scopolamine is one of the chemicals they use to knock you out, even, as I recall concentrated nicotine spray can be used.


The best known of this delta programming is probably Manchurian Candidate Manchurian Candidates – MK Ultra Mind Control Assassins [7] 2016 Jan 9 cathyfoxblog

This website is good for learning about programming and how to deprogramme. Deprogramwiki [8]

Also see Brookes book which I believe concentrates on healing rather than her time in the system. It is in the links below available on Etsy - avoids Google and Amazon, well done.

All this is an introduction to Brooke's first interview with Emma, although there are several more, check out Emma's Channel. The auto transcript for this one is after the links.


Bitchute EP 21: “Survivor Series Part 8” [2]

The Imagination Shownotes
On the 8th episode of our ‘Survivor Series’, we feature survivor, mother, and author, Brooke Federline, who has been speaking about her story for the last 5 years about growing up in the deep state cult that have been planning for the New World Order. For her entire upbringing, Brooke was unaware of anything unusual about her childhood and from the outside looking in, she appeared to look like any regular person in society. It wasn’t until she started having vivid and disturbing flashbacks and dreams of a past that seemed foreign yet familiar that she began questioning her sanity and investigating her past to find out that everything she thought she knew about her ‘normal’ childhood was anything but normal…

This episode dives into the world that is hidden from plain view and isn’t broadcasted anywhere on mainstream media. An underground world of horrors and deception most of humanity can’t fathom and many call a ‘conspiracy theory’. A world so hidden that it’s existence has gone mostly unnoticed in society until recently. And a riveting story of a young woman who realized only through digging into her surfacing memories that she was a survivor of satanic ritual abuse and child sex trafficking, who was taken to D.U.M.B.s (deep underground military bases) for MK Ultra programming (trauma based mind control) and occult training for her entire childhood. Since learning the truth, Brooke has courageously stepped forward to tell her story publicly and is currently authoring her second book (link below for her first book!).

Brooke’s story is important because it gives context to the bigger picture of what she is courageously using her voice to fight against and educate others on. There are still millions of children enslaved in this abusive, global system and business and until we decide to get loud about it and use our voices, their voices will continue to be silenced. I’ve learned so much from Brooke’s teachings and I hope you also take the opportunity to hear her story, follow her journey, and share and educate others on her content so you, too, can be a part of bringing the dark to light.

*Due to the sensitive nature of this content, Brooke’s facial identity has been omitted from the live video on YouTube


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*Due to to the sensitive nature of this content, Brooke’s facial identity has been omitted from the live video on YouTube

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Instagram: @brookefederline
YouTube: Brooke Federline
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GAB: Brooke Federline

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For autotranscript see


[1] Bitchute s2E7 EP 21: “Survivor Brooke Federline – Elite Child Sex Trafficking, MK Ultra and SRA Survivor”


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cathyfoxblog social media links

Transcript for full transcript see my substack

0:03 hey brooke how is it going thank you so much for being here with me today

0:08 oh good how are you i’m good you know all things considering hanging in there

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