I blog mainly on child abuse, iluminati and mind control.

Survivor Brooke Federline NWO Supersoldier

2 May 2022 5 minute read 0 comments foxyfoxy

One survivors story I have been meaning to explore for some time is Brooke Federline, recommended by Emma from the Imagination. I have finally got round to listening to the first of her interviews with Emma. Brooke is from New Zealand. At first she t...

Elon is Bloodline. The Great Deceiver?

29 Apr 2022 12 minute read 3 comments foxyfoxy

Elon Musk is bloodline. Not only is he bloodline but he is in the very inner circle of bloodline, brought up and trained for a specific job in the end times that we are now a part of. Two whistleblowers, to my knowledge, have already come forward tha...

2. Community Social Media - Bastyon

23 Apr 2022 10 minute read 1 comment foxyfoxy

Lara Logan put it well recently when she said… “Stop Paying the People Who Are Slitting Your Throats. Stop using Facebook, stop using Twitter, stop using Instagram, stop using YouTube” If you use them, they make money from you using them. How can you...

1. Community Social Media - Odysee

12 Apr 2022 11 minute read 1 comment foxyfoxy

Recently banned from twitter, I am regrouping and looking at what I have called community social media sites. By that term I loosely mean those that reward creators with points/tokens/crypto for their content, are decentralised and generally free of...

Hampstead - The Great British Cover Up

3 Apr 2022 4 minute read 0 comments foxyfoxy

Sabine McNeill, targeted and jailed for her role in whistleblowing on allegations of ritual abuse, is now free and creating again. Sabine studied maths and computing in Germany in the sixties and a ‘digital veteran’ who had many websites.   In Londo...