First Look: Building the DAO

First Look: Building the DAO


Building the DAO

The first item on the PhoenixDAO 2020 road-map is the development of the DAO user interface. This will be the dashboard where PHNX holders can login to view and interact with anything and everything in the DAO ecosystem including:


  • Reading about proposals on development or marketing
  • Participating in voting on proposals
  • Viewing PHNX token transaction history of the DAO and the foundation
  • Tracking progress of active projects
  • Verifying voting results 
  • Checking user DAO rewards gained from participation


The mock up designs for this DAO application have been completed and we wanted to share a quick walk-thru of it’s features as front-end react development starts to get underway this week.



On this screen users will be able to view all community proposals. Clicking on a proposal will open up that proposal for community members to read the full proposal. Members can also submit a proposal from this screen. Application questions will follow and answers will be read by the community after submission to determine if they will bring it to a vote.


Members can up-vote proposals if they want the proposal to be assigned a voting date. A minimum number of up-votes will be required to pass a proposal on to the voting stage. 



Community members will be able to see proposals here which are active for votes on voting day. Future voting dates for proposals will also be listed here, as well as past votes.

Active Projects


Members will be able to track the progress of current active projects which the community voted for here. Clicking on a project will allow members to view current milestone progress with notes and screen shots of the code and/or design build in process.




In this tab the DAO community will be able to view the rewards they have gained for participation in each vote or other community campaigns to reward participation.

Rewards will be distributed over a 24 month period with most of the rewards given out in the first 12 months.



As you can see designs for the DAO interface have been completed and community developers are currently moving into front-end and back-end development, as well as smart contract creation to power this software.

Track the progress of the build on our github: 

Or join the growing developer community and sign up to take part in the Phoenix DAO build and future dApp builds, including the Phoenix dApp Store here:


Please join us;

PhoenixDAO (PHNX)
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