Synchronicity - Revealing A Deterministic Universe

This is a more casual follow up to a previous essay I wrote. Reading and understanding it is not necessary but it would add depth to this article.

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This article is pure exploration. The idea is that Synchronicity is a recognition of the deterministic world, revealing itself in a narrative form, like a story. The fact that the universe is revealing itself to us in a narrative story like form is merely down to our interpretation as humans. We are a story based species. It is the very foundation of how we learn and share knowledge. When we first encounter what is often considered a divine experience or an act of god. It is normally interpreted as a story or myth as it is the only way we can manage the information. Many years down the line once our technology and knowledge increases, only then do we manage to turn this information into science. 

The recognition of synchronicity comes through attention. We can focus our attention in ways such as acts of prayer or meditation making the story of the universe reveal itself more and more… If you know what you are looking for. It is through these acts that you are essentially strengthening your bond with the universal narrative or the deterministic nature of the universe. 

For those who have read my essay this makes perfect sense with the thought of a process free will. By being more and more in tune with the universal narrative and deterministic nature of the universe we open ourselves up to more available options to influence and pull the universe into a new direction with us.


Don't worry if none of this makes sense yet. The idea, hopefully, is that by the end of this article all the above will make sense. 

I hope the short explanation above can be agreed upon or taken charitably that the foundation of learning is to take that which we don't understand and turn it into a story and that we are, very strongly, story based creatures. It is this way of interpreting data that I believe is most advantageous when trying to spot synchronicity within the world and thus I put forth that it is through this method that we can use to best uncover the deterministic nature of the universe

So it is as a story based creature that we continue forward to delve into synchronicity, what is it. 

The best way to start this off is with an example. Synchronicity is a 'meaningful coincidence' it is that coincidence that is just so damn odd that you struggle to believe it is a coincidence. Synchronicity is dreaming about how you were swarmed by a thousand rabbits and as you are telling your friend about the dream a rabbit crosses your path. They are events in time that are seemingly related and may appear in perfect timing with another situation that has just happened or is happening repeatedly. Another example is waking up at 3:33 consistently. Or looking at the clock at 12:12 all the time. 


Now as you can imagine a lot of these examples get blown massively out of proportion. If you type in 12:12 into google you will get some mad result about how it is an angel number and that angels are trying to communicate with you. They are sometimes just coincidences. We can train our internal body clock pretty well. So well that waking up at 3:33 a few nights in a row isn't something mental. Synchronicity is separating the coincidence with the truly meaningful. Synchronicity can be messages from the unconscious trying to shake you awake or away from a viewpoint or temperament that you are holding onto that is damaging to your psyche. Thankfully, for me as I'm scratching my head trying to think of a good example. The father of synchronicity, Carl Jung. Has a perfect example that I can copy :) :

An example of a synchronistic event in Carl Jung’s life took place during a therapy session with one of his clients.

His client was a highly educated and rational woman with a serious demeanour. Jung knew he would not be able to get through to her on a deeper level unless an irrational event occurred in the form of a coincidence. Jung sought out anything he could use to get through to her. Shortly after, the woman began describing a significant dream of a golden scarab (a costly piece of jewellery). As she was describing this beetle in more depth, Jung heard a tapping at the window behind him. He opened the window and revealed a live goldish-green scarab beetle, not native to the area. Astonished, Jung quickly grabbed the beetle, and walked it over to the woman and said, “here is your scarab.” This event was enough to help break the woman from her overly rationalistic world-view and connect her dream world to her waking life.

Anyway, before this paper turns into an explanation of synchronicity I hope that is enough for the reader to get an understanding. 

This woman was lucky enough to be gifted a perfect form of synchronicity. This is likely due to the fact that Jung's psyche was searching for such an event to further his work and the woman was searching for such an event to help with her therapy. The combination of which produced a highly recognizable event. Unfortunately, synchronicity isn't always so obvious and thus is often more difficult to recognise and distinguish from coincidence.

The synchronicity here is like having a prayer answered. The idea here is that for this brief moment the event enabled them both to recognise a divine element of the universe that was favourable to them both. That's the interesting thing about such events. They are often warnings or positive signs (it is why when your life gets stagnant, synchronicity stops) It seems to me however. That as neither of them was willing the event consciously. Although both were unconsciously searching for such an event that they essentially steered into it. This is where an understanding of my essay will come in handy. The beetle was always going to hit the window. but their willpower, even unconsciously, for such a meaningful event. Took them there to be at the right place at the right time. 


Whatever is wrong with the woman was so strongly desired by part of her to change and that Jung so strongly wanted a meaningful example that, their combined willpower together, took them to such an event and thus recognised it as meaningful. The willpower was so strong that it was able to connect with the narrative of the universe and take their story to this point to connect with it. 

The other option and both can be true, this one, I believe is how synchronicity operates in most day to day life is that they just happened to find themselves at a deterministic event but consciously, of their own will. Found meaning in it. The difference being that in the above example. They were both unconsciously looking for a meaningful experience that they took themselves towards the event.

The alternative however, that I do disagree with. Which is an option considered by a lot of people when talking about synchronicity. Is that they willed the event into being. It is even hinted at in the text I copied when it is said that the beetle is not native to the area. A lot of proponents of synchronicity will allude to what is essentially magic in that the event basically made the scarab appear. This seems untrue to me. We cannot escape the deterministic nature of the universe. However, as I have shown in my previous essay. This does not mean we don’t have free will. The deterministic nature of the universe is a story unfolding before our very eyes. Our ability to move through it with willpower alone is the gift of consciousness. Or we become slaves to it, the ‘gift’ of habit. With willpower alone we take our character through the deterministic landscape and craft our story by finding meaning. Indeterminism allows us to pull the whole universe with us through the manifestation of events.

I sound like I contradict myself here, disagreeing that the scarab beetle cannot be willed into the room, but at the same time stating that we can pull the universe into a direction that we will. It is simply a matter of power. Our consciousness flows down a river on a raft only able to will the raft in slightly different directions. However with enough willpower and knowledge of the river ahead this slow drift can take us into a completely new direction as the river forks.

We discover the river ahead by discovering the deterministic nature of the universe and turning it into a story. Our ability to imagine and fictionalise is literally our ability to look into the future. Only by turning something we don't understand into a story are we able to see the motivations behind events and predict where they may take us. As we find our character in the middle of the event we try our best to steer our character to be the hero of the story. Often failing or succumbing to lazy habitual nature we let the river take us enjoying the ride.

Slowly we can get better at recognising synchronicity, The messages from upstream come more often and get clearer and clearer. Allowing for more precise movements towards goals. However this phenomenon is in its early stages/ has been killed out. As materialistic determinism eliminated the idea of free will. Synchronicity becomes an impossibility. Mere coincidence takes over. Even in the face of mathematical impossibility every meaningful event is passed off as a mere coincidence. 

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