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By B0900223 | Forgotten History | 11 May 2021

If history is a story, there are many plot holes. This blog seeks to fill any and all plot holes left behind by modern academia and media. This is the first of many blog posts detailing historical topics often forgotten by the public due to them being ignored by major institutions. This blog will cover everything from ancient history to the modern day. 

Why is this blog being written? 

I have a passion for history and want to share the obscure knowledge I have. Do I have a background in studying history? Not really but I have enough of an education to know how to analyze historical data and artifacts to make a complete picture, which is what this blog aims to do. I have enough of an education to know what I'm doing, but I'm not too "educated" to where modern academic judgments cloud my thinking. This is why I believe I am qualified to write this blog and hopefully give a different perspective on history and bring to light forgotten peoples and events of humanity's past. 


This article is just an introduction post for people to refer back to as I begin writing actual articles. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, leave them below. Want me to cover a certain historical topic? Comment below as well. 

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I am an Engineering Management student at a university that will not be named. I enjoy religious and political discussions.

Forgotten History
Forgotten History

If history is a story, there are many plot holes. This blog seeks to fill major plot holes in the historical narrative. This blog is about historical topics, events, and peoples that have been forgotten by the public and academia. This blog will seek to educate its readers on historical subjects not taught in schools or by the media. This blog will also seek to educate its readers as to why a historical topic, event, or people group is ignored by major institutions whether they be sinister or otherwise.

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