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By Farfalle | For The Birds | 5 Sep 2021

For The Birds is an original series of pixel art featuring birds of the world. 
Proceeds are donated to the World Land Trust, an organization that protects rainforest around the world. 150GBP has been donated already!

Pigeon Puzzles!!!

For The Birds Series 2 starts with a free drop. Given my love of experiments each drop link will be missing some characters! You'll have to answer a question to fill in the link. Each link will be good for 10 pigeons. So you can keep the answer to yourself or share it with friends.

The links are posted on the discord before anywhere else. Since the second puzzle was solved before I wrote this post, I highly recommend joining the discord for the free pigeon. Plus, our discord now has a high-score bot to see who's champion at any given species.

  • The answer to the first puzzle was "Sue" -This 3 letter word is the first name of a paleontologist and their discovery, an epic T. rex specimen.
  • The answer to the second puzzle was "HEL" -This mythical Nordic location, we'd all like to avoid. (ALL CAPS)
  • There will be 15 puzzles so all pigeons will be dropped.

Rock Pigeon card

But Wait! There's more.

This October we'll hold mini stress test and high-score contest. Play as a rock pigeon and win bonus NFTs for doing better than the others. More details on that to come.


  • Current Sales here.
  • Read about the For The Birds Project here.
  • Join the discord and help shape the project. Plus, be the first to get notices of giveaways, updates, competitions, and drops.
  • Already holding birds? Try the Alpha release here.


Thanks for reading. Thanks for playing. 

Screenshot from Nesting game

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For The Birds
For The Birds

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