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By Farfalle | For The Birds | 6 Feb 2022

For The Birds is an original series of pixel art featuring birds of the world and a playable katamari game in development.
Proceeds are donated to the World Land Trust, an organization that protects rainforest around the world. 290GBP has been donated already saving 3 acres!

Snowy Owl

A lot of progress has been made, but I haven't been posting here much so rapid fire updates coming at you.

♥ The winter level was made public December 1st.

♥ Discord members got a free holiday Snow Mountain Robin bonus card.

♥ The illustration for the Critically endangered Raso Lark was the 50th species drawn!

♥ Level selection was enabled early January.

♥ High scores are now level and bird specific. They can be checked in game or on the website.

♥ More music was added by the talented Gumdrop Meadowz and a shuffle songs option was added.

♥ Lots more objects in the game, including some rudimentary AI.

♥ The commission birds, won in the previous contest, have been illustrated, delivered, and added to the game.

♥ The discord community voted to make series 2 a random pack release. Rarity will still correspond to endangered status.

♥ Our website was restructured, information was updated, and a handful of design improvements were made.

♥ We're migrating to a more official (and non-cloud managed) wax account with the same name as our collection - 1forthebirds

Raso Lark


I'll be adding a high score search form for the website so you can look up specific scores for you or your friends.

More objects to the game and more levels!

We're planning to integrate Anchor wallet login as an alternate to wax cloud.

Since it's harder to get started for free these days, we'll be working on a way to try the game without all the crypto hassle.

A new bonus card for those that catch bugs and report them. We'll give a special Sombre Rock Chat, pictured below. I just have to choose a hat.


  • Current Sales here.
  • Read about For The Birds Project here.
  • Join the discord and help shape the project. Plus, be the first to get notices of giveaways, updates, competitions, and drops.
  • Already holding birds? Try the Alpha release here.


Thanks for reading. Thanks for playing! 



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