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By Farfalle | For The Birds | 14 Oct 2021

For The Birds is an original series of pixel art featuring birds of the world and a playable katamari game in development.
Proceeds are donated to the World Land Trust, an organization that protects rainforest around the world. 160GBP has been donated already!

October 10th has come and gone!


Game updates have temporarily stopped so the playing field stays fair for the contest. Before the 10th we added music by Gumdrop Meadowz, improved the menu tune and sound effects, corrected a billion bugs in the user interface, popped some more objects into the level, and more.

If you missed the announcement,

  • We'll have 2 rounds and 2 tiers. 
  • Get the highest score in the game and win.

Tier 1 is a battle for the best pigeon! Only the rock pigeons are eligible. Some are still available for free - see below. Top 

Tier 2 Is a best overall. One winner will will get a prize for each endangered status. EW, CR, EN, VU, NT.

Round 1 Ends October 18th at Noon EST.

Round 2 Ends October 28th at 10pm EST.

What do you win?

  • Pigeon victors (top 5) will win a VULLNERABLE Macaroni Penguin (1 penguin per player). That means more playtime and opportunity to win more prizes in the second round.d2f62a9033db62119c3d14742d5a6e6a3bfc8a025093f529908ed9d1b35eecd9.png
  • The Tier 2 winners will get a random series 1 bird of a higher status. 
  • The TOP score each round will win a commission bird. Any living bird will be illustrated and you'll get the first minting!
  • The best pigeon at the end of the contest will also get a commission bird!

Don't have a pigeon? There are still some available for free for solving a riddle. Use the answer to fill in the URL. Each underscore corresponds to a single letter. If you'd rather just buy one, there are a few for sale under 10 cents.


  • Current Sales here.
  • Read about the For The Birds Project here.
  • Join the discord and help shape the project. Plus, be the first to get notices of giveaways, updates, competitions, and drops.
  • Already holding birds? Try the Alpha release here.


Thanks for reading. Thanks for playing! 

In game screen shot

Is a katamari of hastas a hastamari? I don't know, but it's fun to say.

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For The Birds
For The Birds

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