The Law of Growth

By Vytas | For Fun | 24 Oct 2020

A gust of wind rushed through a forest. It happened to hit a branch of an old oak tree. An acorn couldn’t hold to it anymore. It let go and fell.

Quick like a bullet, it hit a branch. Cluck! After a dozed of flips in the air it fell on the carpet of dry fallen leaves. Shush! Then silence.

Time went on. The acorn stayed where it landed gradually being covered with a layer of leaves. It became dark and days blended with nights. You couldn't tell a difference between the two.

Then something unimaginable happened. The acorn was awakened by a rush of energy within. It broke the shell and a green tentacle started making it’s way down. The more moisture it consumed, the bigger and stronger it became.

There was another rush of energy that popped the helmet of the acorn. Another green tentacle started climbing upwards. It grew until it reached the light.

The acorn was able to see the forest again! The touch of the sun was so satisfying that the little sapling stretched itself tall. Three wide leaves spread out making the sapling look like a miniature umbrella for little bugs.

As the acorn looked up, it finally understood that it was a little oak tree!

Day after day the sapling slowly grew in strength and in hight. It was watching big old trees and studying the life they had. Birds had nests high up in their branches, the canopy provided shade and protection. These big old trees carried an unspoken authority in the way they stood.

The little oak tree wanted to do all these things but it couldn't. No bird made a nest on its shoulders, none of them even thought of landing for a quick rest. It looked neither authoritative nor significant.

Discouragement led to despair as the young tree realized he wasn’t like the other trees.

One afternoon it heard a strange noise. Two people were walking through the woods. A father and a son.

The boy was running in front of his father, excited to explore the forest and imagining what mysteries awaits him. Suddenly, he stopped and stared at the little oak tree.

“Daddy, look,” he shouted pointing finger at the oak sapling “a baby tree!”

“A baby indeed!” the father said with a big smile. “One day this little sapling will be just like other big oak trees around us. It takes patience and many years to grow up. It a process that cannot be rushed.”

The little sapling understood the meaning. He wasn’t as big as others because it takes time to grow up. It’s a progress of numerous days of small steps of progress. They cannot be skipped no matter how big of a desire is to grow up.

Is there an area in your life that you want to be more mature? Do you feel like you’re discouraged?

Be faithful with the little you have and enjoy every step of the growth.

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