How to make Delicious Healthy Veggie Pizza at Home

How to make Delicious Healthy Veggie Pizza at Home

By FoodAndNature | foodipie | 20 Dec 2020

Pizza Ingredients:
Pizza Dough - (Medium Size)
Broccoli ---------------------------------100 gm
Mushroom ----------------------------- 4 piece
Courgette ------------------------------ Half
Onion ---------------------------------- Half
Green and Red Capsicum ------------- 1/3
Olives ---------------------------------- Hand-full
Black Pepper --------------------------- Your wish
Pizza Sous------------------------------ 2 Spoon
Most Important don't forget the Cheese !!! yummy yummy😋
**All the vegetables**683d90e2d982df83e1d8e3269321b7408544d34370e583ed3f1f73a083d41477.jpeg
**Pizza Sous**e681f37901af2ff22247164f085ff58e9ea9b944547509a35ebf7cb5c3a0cb92.jpeg
Method :
•Pre-heat the oven to 230 Degree Celsius Temperature which is approx 450 Fahrenheit
• Cut Broccoli, Mushroom, Courgette, Onion, Green and Red Capsicum, Olives as show below5f99f995fa4c52908a61909938760033c9a2d21da6708c9af9596eee534c5fdd.jpeg
• Take Pizza Dough and spread over all around it Pizza sous shown below8e0d30c47365c007ba0c8d576b4a3a30b6c9c8489ef2d6036685f43bd8ca5fa4.jpeg
• Now simply spread all the vegetables row by row starting from courgette at the bottom then Broccoli followed by mushroom, onion, capsicum and finally olives and little bit of black pepper on top or as per your wish 😋44e232a5032205f5c77306ae70304801640e0a981e9bf29cb4ad6f5bf2358ce5.jpeg
• Finally my favorite part spread cheese all over on the top and hide our precious pizza inside 😚
• Put it inside pre-heated oven for 15-20 minutes at approx. 230°C temperature.
Voila! Our Delicious healthy pizza is ready to eat!!😋😋b9c1d6487405788db3dcc7c32389b010c3ec6fc0b1a46c1516314dd944094974.jpegPlease let me know what you think about my recipe and if you tried it yourself then please comment how did it taste , Did I missed something important then please add on so that I will update my recipe next time. Thank you very much for supporting me and sharing my recipe.


Newbie on Publish0x, Will Share my cooking experience and lovely nature around me


Newbie on publish0x! Very Excited, Will share my cooking experience and lovely nature surrounding me!

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