King Yeun

By CryptoFallen | Food Adventures | 11 May 2019

Definitely had a very bad experience at King Yuen, went there for dinner with family for 10 people spaced out and there wasn’t a table layered out to start with, the service was lack lustre to say the least, staff didn’t know what was going on and didn’t communicate, 2 hours in and main meal wasn’t even ordered yet as staff was going to come back and take orders, but it never happened till we asked, before considering not even ordering at all.


The Food finally came, one of the guests on the table had a hard piece of metal in there dish that could of cut her if she bit into it, lucky that didn’t happen. 


After that experience, definitely not worth recommending or checking out, premium pricing for low quality experience, no thank you!!

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Food Adventures
Food Adventures

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