painting with watercolors and marker

Super chakra poetry flow :)

By space6irl | Flowetry | 19 Feb 2022


7 super chakras sped up, as I rev up this pen
Spinning faster than Sonic on Sega genesis

transforming and adorning sacred templates 

from morning to dusk 

my grip gets a rush 

from etheric prana huff

and busts amends

from within

ink glissenin'

thoughts blinked, thinks winked 

like moon through sleet 

shine forth upon the porcelain sheet creed

to amp energy 

and to plant central peace. 

chromosomes calibrate 

and a most rapid rate

to synchronize with divine

and align mind to shine

it's fine shrine

real time

it's reel time: 

I blast my cast beyond the molecular structures

and etheric covers

to illuminate this place.

Bliss mode glows 

as this poem grows

roam prose, 

dome rose to zone flow

my cup overload

so it overflow

over boats and onto notes

I saw 2 goats boast

what their quadrilateral pupils show;

I intercept the gaze

dream gates creak, sway 

feet chase leap fate

speak say crystalline frequency place.  

Enigma energy spree

Delete meek, &

keep Source force forced forth. 


Painting I made with markers and watercolors.

This poem is from my little notebook where I was trying to do a page per day, to get into the habit of writing. I try to not let myself pause or put down the pen. 

My original post is on my Instagram, where I post my art periodically. 
(these excerpts were from 2015)

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