The 🥖#BreadForThePeople Meme Contest

🧑‍🌾 👩‍🌾 Another beautiful day down on the farm, with plenty of hard yet honest work. As the sun hangs low in the sky, what better way for yield farmers to relax than browsing the dankest memes related to their profession?


🎉 With this in mind, Harvest Finance is launching its first meme competition. Rejoice DeFi degens!

🦸 Put down the plough and that sack of fertilizer, and turn your calloused hands and sharp wit to the art of memecraft.


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😊 In return for making fellow farmers smile, Harvest is offering some generous rewards.

🏆 First place — 10 FARM tokens

🥈 Second place — 7 FARM tokens

🥉 Third place — 5 Farm tokens

🏅 Farmers’ Choice (7 runners-up) — 3 FARM tokens

💹 To see the current price and metrics of the FARM token, see


How to participate


🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Who can take part?

Anyone and everyone is welcome and encouraged to join us — the more memes the better.


⁉️ What should the memes be about?

Make sure your memes follow the general theme of farming, harvesting, bountiful yields, and good honest hard work. Try to be original!


💾 What format is allowed?

Images, GIFs or even videos.




📩 How to submit?

Entries to be made through Twitter. Post your meme with the hashtag #BreadForThePeople and tag @harvest_finance.

We only care about the quality of the meme. The number of followers, likes or re-tweets makes no difference!


🗓️ What are the deadlines

Competition entries can be submitted from Thursday 10 September and the deadline is on Saturday 19 September (13:00 UTC).


🎖️ How will winners be chosen?

The Harvest team will be monitoring all submissions, and gauging the response they get, as well as how much it makes them chuckle.

After submission end date, they will choose their 10 favorite submissions and these will then be put to the Discord community to vote on. Most votes win.

Community voting will take place on Sunday 20 September, from 13:00–23:59 (UTC)


🚜 Hold your horses, what even is Harvest Finance?

Many reading this will be familiar with the ins and out of the DeFi craze sweeping the cryptosphere.

Harvest Finance is breaking new ground in this space, and building a truly revolutionary product that will make farming the highest yielding opportunities easier than ever before.

Harvest is not just another forked food project or YFI clone, it is a serious financial tool that utilizes an automated strategy that currently farms and sells Swerve (SWRV) to earn more stablecoins (fUSDT, fDAI, and fUSDC).


A quick overview of Harvest can be found on the website:

More details on the APY and farming strategies can be found on the official community wiki:

If you have any questions, just pop into the Discord server, and the friendly and responsive community will give you a warm welcome.

We look forward to see the community use your dank meme-ing skills to give all our humble farmers a few laughs during a long day of honest work!

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