Looking for a crypto content creator?

By flexbronson | FlexBronson | 21 Dec 2021

I love to write about crypto and blockchain technologies. Investing is one thing, but the greatest way to learn is to teach. Which is why I love to research and write about it. I go even deeper down the rabbit hole when I write for others. I get a rush out of it.

 I have worked in Social Media for a company doing various projects since 2017. I am hungry to get into crypto for a living.

I have promoted my YouTube channel, podcast and health and wellness business in the past through social media. I've been using social media since 2005, funny thing is, Twitter has outlasted them all in terms of being relevant.

I have held various roles professionally in social media through a company named Appen. My favorite was as a social media analyst, giving feedback on various social media channels to help them improve their voice and image.

Now I am looking to do content creation for others. Whether it is through Social Media, writing articles or writing scripts for YouTube.

If you are looking for somebody to create content for you in the crypto and blockchain space, let me know. Let's build the future together.

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Blockchain Revolution I spent years in the health and wellness space, doing research, applying what I learned, working in the field and have since moved on. That was the past, I am focused on the future... the blockchain! Now all I want to do is work in the blockchain space.

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