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HyperPay Weekly Report 11/15–11/21


Dear Users,

we have updated the weekly report 11/15–11/21, read more detail as following:

1. Product progress


-Online stage:

  1. Optimization of HyperCard application process

-Developing and testing stage:
1. HyperPay risk control optimization
2. Overall optimization of Shared Wallet V2.0
3. HyperCard message notification
4. Agent review and grade optimization
5. Optimization of currency receiving list
6. Display optimization of My Asset
7. Instant Exchange supporting dual-way transfer
8. Reminder optimization of transfer confirmation page
9. Coupon operation experience optimization

-Product design stage:

1. Design of the second generation loan product V1.0
2. Design of Message Center V2.0
3. HyperPay quantitative robot
4. Market trending notification
5. Page optimization of currency market


1. The asset module connecting to Debank API is completed
2. Asset management module optimization is completed
3. The trading module adding to the DEX entrance is completed
4. Fix of DEX Pancakeswap transaction history is completed
5. Adding balance verification for DApp transaction is completed
6. Logic optimization of trading acceleration is completed
7. Supporting Solana network DApp trading is under development

2. Operation Dynamics

1. HyperPay off-chain wallet HBT Vault — SERO, VSYS and ATOM pools are still raising

HyperPay off-chain waller HBT Vault SERO, VSYS and ATOM pools, SERO with annualized return of 11.32%-13.76%, VSYS 6.17%-7.89%, ATOM 9.45%-11.42%, are still raising

2. HyperPay principal-guaranteed Fixed 60-day products continue to be on sale

HyperPay off-chain wallet has launched the 60-day Fixed products, and it is still on sale. USDT annualized return is expected to be 12.88%, BTC 8.88%, ETH 12.88%.

3. HyperPay on-chain wallet launches new DApps

MHyperPay on-chain wallet has launched BIT, MoonLift, Baby and other public chain Dapps, and is committed to providing users with the highest quality DeFi experience.

3. Market dynamics

1. HyperPay Global Ambassador Recruitment Program is officially launched!

In order to accelerate its globalization operation, HyperPay invites global KOL partners from global blockchain community owners, industry opinion leaders and many blockchain practitioners on Twitter, YouTube, Telegram, Discord and other platforms to jointly build HyperPay global ecosystem. We will provide partners with privileges and rewards to penetrate the industry market and build a global brand for HyperPay. The Program lasts for a month and is currently underway. You are welcome to join!

Participate in the KOL recruitment, forward and @3 of your favorite KOLs in the industry, and you have a chance to share 1,000U rewards.

2. HyperPay and MDEX hold a Thanksgiving airdrop!

On November 19, HyperPay and MDEX jointly organized a Thanksgiving activity. Users can access MDEX through HyperPay wallet (HECO or BSC) to trade and share the 5000U MDX bonus pool. There’s also 20% discount for purchasing value coin, and lucky bonus by experiencing the order book. The activity is still ongoing, come and participate!

3. HyperPay has reached strategic cooperation with Moonlift Capital!

HyperPay has reached strategic cooperation with Moonlift Capital, and has launched the DApp. Users can directly search for the project name in the HyperPay on-chain — DApp to experience it!

4. The airdrop jointly organized by HyperPay and Mars Ecosystem has ended successfully!

On November 17, the airdrop jointly organized by HyperPay and Mars Ecosystem was successfully concluded. All rewards have been distributed.

5. The airdrop jointly organized by HyperPay and OpenBiSea has ended successfully!

On November 16, the airdrop jointly organized by HyperPay and OpenBiSea was successfully concluded. All rewards have been distributed.

4. Operation Data




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Established in 2017, HyperPay is the world’s first multi-ecological digital asset wallet that integrates off-chain wallet, HyperMate hardware wallet, on-chain wallet, and shared wallet.

Five most valued blockchain crypto wallet
Five most valued blockchain crypto wallet

HyperPay is one of the mainstream wallets in China the head wallet with the second largest number of domestic users after token. It is divided intohas three types of entry modes: off-chain wallet, on-chain wallet, and hardware wallet. In the crypto Block chain wallet industry, the wallet possessing with both on-chain and off-chain modes has more obvious advantage amongare more attractive to users, while the wallet with only on-chain mode sets a higher threshold for users. HyperPay's registration home page

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