Chapter 2: KNOWLEDGE!

By Pepe1337 | Financial independent | 20 Mar 2020

The most common mistake from almost every person is that they trying to figure out a way to get rich but doesn't have the knowledge to even perceive their ambitions, you have surely heard the phrase "If you want something you should work hard to get it" that is correct but in order to achieve anything great you need to have the right knowledge. 

How do I get the right knowledge? 
The most common thing you're hearing is to start reading book or buying a course but the truth is that this is the way to get poor!
A book takes 7-8 hours in cut to read, that f%cking insane bro and a course is very expensive so what is the only right thing to do?
Google it! But you need to know what types of advice you take, even the advice you are taking from me could be bullshit.

99% of the information on the internet is bullshit! Sad but true you need to find the right information, but how do you do that? By setting yourself up for an uncomfortable position you need to find a person who is already were you want to be and adopt him as your mentor!
In the beginning it will be very hard to get the successful person to spend time with you so you need to start doing some things for him and be patient to him and then he will help you!
My mentor has guided me know in 5 years, he gives me investment opportunities and guide me a lot in life!


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Financial independent
Financial independent

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