I am incompetent but tonight’s all will change

By Nengi147 | Financial Education | 4 Nov 2019

“YOU are incompetent!” my dad yelled at me.


“There is nothing wrong with admitting you’re incompetent,” said my dad, “but there is plenty wrong with lying and pretending you know what you’re doing.


“Lying and pretending you know what you are doing is a bad habit, and I want you to stop that habit now.


“If you want to be rich and successful, you need to learn to tell the truth quicker, ask for help quicker, and be more humble.


“The world is filled with arrogant poor people, educated and uneducated, people who cannot admit they do not know something. The world is filled with people who go through life pretending they are smart, and that makes them stupid.


“If you want to learn quickly, the first step is to admit quickly you do not know something.”

My dad was right. And…


When it comes to stocks, I am incompetent. I do not know enough about stock investing.


That’s why I have the internet, youtube, my stock advisor. And if you want, you can have learn too.


TONIGHT, No more time for procrastination. You can study on your own. give it some time it will work for you. search and research now

This is LIVE. There will not be any replays. It's tonight or never.

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I am an entrepreneur and a writer with a bachelors degree in Electrical Engr Passionate about Blockchain technology . Also holds expertise in digital marketing.

Financial Education
Financial Education

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