Salem Oregon, Long Exposures.

By OleDirtyVanGogh | Film Is Freedom | 3 Dec 2021

Salem OregonIn the city where I live there are many parking garages. It’s quite often I find myself wandering to one during the later hours of the day to go stand in the cold and take long exposures. As time consuming and painstaking as they can be, they are some of the most rewarding photographs I take. 

     Sure I can take a walk around the city blocks and shoot away and get some wonderful shots, although one might consider that it is becoming far too easy to take great photos. When cameras were first popular they required a lot more effort to operate. Now a days you can take your digital camera with a good sized memory card and take thousands of photos in one day. Good ones too. Back then it took a real expert to take a 36 exposure roll and load it into a camera to end up getting more than a handful of “good” shots. As well as a ton of investment and time to take even close to 1000 exposures. 

    I suppose what I’m getting at is this. I love digital photography, but only when it’s much like film. Hard, cold, very chancy, as well as nice and difficult. Long exposures in strange places, in the night. That’s the way to go. Love you all. What really matters anyways? What is the point of this whole thing? I think it’s to enjoy ourselves :)ae175bb1e6d511f8820b0bc501deffa5c6e9114d7ba07c5ca33f53a18011f959.jpgc613ff44cb8bdbfbdae65d7eb3b703af6adca291c2bcfebb482eb38f62c470b5.jpg59682c3c605e32e0ed8850a7432647150c7856dd7e7430a2acc1169d3c8a7bec.jpga3de561672a4ae5803b9d09e79f77cdd04cd2413f16e56a0fc2943a916b1aa48.jpg

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Film Is Freedom
Film Is Freedom

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